Wednesday, 21 July 2021

WIPW - In Spite of the Heat

In spite of the oppressive heat in Tokyo today I have made some progress.

Log Cabin Challenge

Thirteen blocks were quilted with Feather Stitch. Progress marked in blue.

Sunday Stitch School Stitch Sampler

I have not come up with a better name yet. 

However, I have added a mirrored stem made up of #46 Corded Coral Stitch, and two circles, #50 Bayeux Stitch, and #36 Rumanian Stitch. Both are edged with Stem Stitch. The Stem Stitch is one of the stitches I will allow on this Sunday Stitch School Sampler in spite of it being a TAST stitch. Stem Stitch is such an important household stitch.


  1. Good progress on your Log Cabin blocks with Feather Stitch.
    And your SSSS sampler is a new project? Good stitching there too.

  2. Those feathers are marching along at a good pace ... even in this heat! I really like those swirls and circles too.

  3. In oppressive heat, any progress is a bonus. Pretty warm and sunny here, too, and we really aren't used to it!

  4. The feather stitches look very neat and even. The circle shapes from your friend are very handy with a piece like this.

  5. Your stitch choices for the circles are attractive and neat- love the stem. Another good step forward with the Log Cabin. Your weather doesn't sound pleasant- humidity is worse than dry heat.

  6. It is fun watching your Sunday Stitch School Sampler grow!


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