Wednesday, 14 July 2021

WIPW - A New Project

Good Wednesday, it is time for the weekly Work In Progress Wednesday report.

Log Cabin Challenge

I quilted 19 blocks, and am very pleased with the number. They are indicated in darker green on the chart.

The back.

The front.
While working I have been listening to jazz singer Keiko Lee, my audio book 'Snow Country' by Yasunari Kawabata and I have also had the TV on, but just listening without actually watching the programme.

NEW! Sunday Stitch School Stitch Sampler 
Well, that's a mouthful for you. I have to think up a better working name, but this title, at least, describes the project. 

Yes, I want to start using the 177 (and growing) number of stitches I have learned and posted on Sundays.

In 2014 I made a cushion out of the stitches I learned when I was taking part in TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) with Sharon Boggon.
It took eighteen months to complete the cushion, and it contains all 127 TAST stitches, except the beaded ones. The foundation fabric is cotton and I used Perle, Coton a Broder and Stranded Floss. There are no beads, sequins or buttons.

Half of the design is on the front of the cushion and the rest on the back, of course - a reversible cushion of sorts.

So here we are in 2021 and with 177 stitches (so far) to play with I hope to make something similar - freeform, but tidy, and totally without a decided design, I will simply add new lines and groups of stitches as the mood takes me.

I am using a long piece of thin wool, and will add appliqué, and later maybe beads as well.
In this picture you can see the size of the fabric in comparison with my feet!

The first stitch I used was Sunday Stitch School's  #23 Whipped Running Stitch, 
I also wanted to play around with the new toy M sent me - the nifty circle maker (I wrote about it yesterday), so added these circles. Aren't they neat? They are in danger of loosing their neatness, though, as I am planning to work stitches on, or near them.

Have you had a good week, too? Started anything new?


  1. Restful tones on the Log Cabin- I would be very happy with the reverse side as a front. I recall the 2014 cushion and the chalk horse. Lovely to see again. The circles are great. Work for me?- a slow catch-up for TAST 21.

  2. I thought the first motif looked like a chance to play with the "new toy"!

    No, not started anything, but I may have finished something...

  3. The quilting on your Log Cabin is fantastic, front and back!


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