Friday, 30 July 2021

World Embroidery Day

Today is World Embroidery Day.  Started in 2011 in Sweden. This link is unfortunately only in Swedish, but there are some pictures to look at.

I worked on my Sunday Stitch School Stitch Sampler.

I added a few circles of fabric, stitched Stem Stitch at the edges and Bayeaux (couching) Stitch on top.

The 'thread' in the picture is actually a strand of my hair. Human hair is often used in fine Chinese embroidery and in Sweden, in the past,  jewellery was made from hair. So why not use a strand of my own hair. Grotesque or unique?



  1. I have heard about hair being used as thread. It is nice that your hair is strong enough to be used like that.

  2. Hair can be quite strong, and as long as it's long enough that you aren't having to rethread for every stitch, which would soon become tedious...!

  3. The longest hair on my head right now is two centimeters. I guess I won't be trying that one. Maybe I should dig through my UFOs and see if there is some embroidery that needs finishing. I know there is a bit of cross stitch. Does that count?

  4. Lovely way to use the circles with threads and patterns. If you can afford to remove hair strands for embroidery Carin, please send some to me.

  5. I wouldn't have thought of using hair. Mine is quite long at the moment so would be ideal.

  6. How funny! I don't think my hair would be strong enough! It is fly away and curly. I can imagine all the knots in the sewing as I have enough knots to deal with every morning with the hair brush!


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