Wednesday, 30 March 2016

WIPW - Progress

Progress report for WIPW (WorkIn Progress Wednesday).


I have added some details, made a pink flower and started on the one above the pocket opening:
The soft Appleton yarn and the black cashmere make the work smooth and fast.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

WIPW - En Kjolsäck

Wednesdays come around quickly, and it is time to give a Work In Progress Wednesday report once again.

This week I have a new project:

New! En Kjolsäck
which is a hanging pocket. This kind of  pouch, which is worn dangling from the belt, can be found on many folk costumes in Scandinavia. Mine is inspired from a postcard of the Swedish Dala Floda costume, and is wool embroidery on a black background.
I have, however, designed my own fantasy flowers instead of working the traditional, more realistic ones on the Dala Floda bag.

The black wool I am stitching on is from a discarded black cashmere coat from Burberry. How can one cut such an expensive coat into pieces, you may ask? Well, when the Japanese moths, always so hungry, have had an 'all you can eat' party in the wardrobe, and ruined the coat, THEN you can...

In spite of being very busy I have found time, at night, to make good progress:
 There is a pocket on the bag and I used the pocket part of the coat for this piece!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

WIPW - Pile 'em On is Completed

Thank you for kind comments and I am sorry I have been too busy to answer them.  I hope my work situation will allow me more 'blogging time' soon.

In this week's Work In Progress Wednesday report I can show you the completed

Pile 'em On

 The background is made up of blocks of Canvas work, the flames of Pulled work and the circle is filled with 'any stitch' piled on top of other stitches, and made of 'orts' (short lenghts of thread). The border is crowded with linear stitches
and the 'icing on the cake' is a braid made of messy thread and beads

Now I want to start a project of neater stitches!

Extra! Birthday Cards

I also made some birthday cards:

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

WIPW - Hard Work

Remember me? Queenie Patch? Remember WIPW, Work In Progress Wednesday? I am not surprised if it all seems vague; I haven't posted for a long time and have made no report on my progress for ages.

I HAVE been working hard, in five-minute sessions, on my Pile 'em On embroidery and am happy to see the beginning of the end of this project. So here is my WIPW report:

Pile 'em On
Canvas stitches
Top row, from left:
mint green Cushion Stitch, pink and grey Scotish Stitch,  blue variegated Chequer Stitch, light blue Foliage Stitch

Second row, from left:
blue Knitting Stitch, light blue Arrow Stitch, pink and grey Jaquared Stitch, green and blue Broad Stem Stitch

Third row, from left:
variegated Herringbone Stitch, dark pink and blue Darned Web Stitch, pink and blue Shell Stitch, light grey Upright Gobelin Stitch
In between the Pulled Stitches in white, there is a low row of stitches, from left:
variegated Knotted Stitch, blue Greek Stitch, blue and green Hungarian Stitch

Underneath you can see a row of, from left:
green  Flower Stitch, bright blue Floral Stitch, pink and green Perspective Stitch, variegated Compact Filling Stitch, dark pink Rapid Stitch

Here is a better shot of the green Flower Stitch, and to the left of that variegated blue Florentine Stitch.

Here we have the light blue Foliage Stitch again, underneath is the Broad Stem Stitch, and the Upright Gobeline Stitch.
There is a little section of pink Cross Stitch and to the right, variegated Parisian Stitch.
In between the white Pulled work you see: blue and green Hungarian Stitch and light blue Diamond Straight Stitch. To the right is grey Half Cross Stitch and pink and green Florentine Stitch (Bargello style).

In the bottom row, from left: dark pink Rapid Stitch, light blue Spring Stitch, green Cross Stitch (two different sizes), blue Herringbone Stitch and the pink and green Florentine Stitch.

Finally in the picture below, on the right side are four stitches:
(next to the pink and green Florentine Stitch) we see, variegated Algerian Eye Stitch, dark blue and pink Triangle Stitch, light blue Algerian Eye Stitch and a small section of mint green Gobelin Stitch in two different lenghts.

Phew! A good number of stitches!

I then outlined the 'flames' with Stem Stitch.

Finally I have added a proper border and started piling on stitches there, too.
Messy is the middle name of this Pile 'em On stitch sampler! Hopefully completed by next Wednesday!