Wednesday 25 November 2015

WIPW - Not Much To Write (Home) About

It has been another busy week with little time for embroidery. My Work In Progress Wednesday report is not much to write (home) about, but here goes:

Pile 'em On
 I added three columns of Canvas Fern Stitch.
They are framed on two sides by Four Sided Stitch in white that my Mum once started on this cloth. I think she intended to make a small table runner. When I first found this project amongst her belongings I thought of completing the table runner, but the tension of my stitches did not match that of hers so I turned this piece of cloth into my own free form embroidery project, Pile 'em On.

Chicken Scratch
On the 'chicken farm' the crosses are beginning to twinkle like stars...

Off to busy myself with other things than embroidery, I'm afraid.

Wednesday 18 November 2015

WIPW - One week delayed

Last week I had no opportunity to post a Work In Progress Wednesday report. Sorry!

I was able to make a little bit of progress, though, on my projects.

Chicken Scratch
Three strands of embroidery floss frame the red squares on the Gingham check, and red floss outline a larger area.

I then started stitching a new area in the middle of the cloth.

Pile 'em On
 Three Canvas stitches were used to fill in the background; Plaited Stitch (blue and variegated blue) Crossed Goblin Stitch (gray) and I finished the light green Reversed Cross Stitch that I had left half finished in July.

I hope you have had a much more productive week.

Wednesday 4 November 2015

WIPW - A Dancing Doll Needlecase

Today, Work In Progress Wednesday  is about

Conveyor Belt Needle Case
I completed it with a few stitches, a 'tongue' and a little metal mesh bead.
 When I showed the work last week, a professional designer told me she saw a dancing figure in this one. I hadn't noticed but think she is right!
This is the other side.

With this project out of the way, what shall I do, start a new one? No, wait, there are some UFOs. I'll get to work on them first.

Pile 'em On
I haven't worked on this for ages so it is high time I put some more Canvas stitches into it.

Chicken Scratch

This Chicken Scratch project is something I have only been working on while travelling. However, I will probably not go on a train journey for some time, so will complete this at home.