Thursday, 1 July 2021

What's In A Quilt - 7

 I recently completed my crazy quilt project Crazy fo Crazy, and now want to write its history.

The 7th octagon block I made has the beautiful tones of green olives and watermelon. 
While making it there was a discussion with several blog readers about salads made with such ingredients. I learned that by adding feta cheese this would make a nice mixed salad.

I have not bought any fabric especially for this quilt, so in the Olives and Watermelon block too, I have made use of my stash.
In the middle is a bit of left over even weave linen, then kimono silk, printed cotton from W Morris' charm pack, batik from Florida, the green silk is maybe from a lining and the striped fabric looks like it is from a linen table cloth. The two latter pieces are from a bag of exclusive remnants from a UK friend. The green with specs of gold was probably bought many years ago at Festival of Quilts in the UK.

There is lace that I dyed, one bit is salvaged from my maternal grandmother's Sunday apron (she used it while serving dinner). I made a Dorset button with beads, and by this time I was really hooked on button making.
I was so happy to be able to use a small bag of ribbon rosettes I had bought long before I started on this crazy quilt, but not found a use for. The colouring was just right, I think.
I had selected a striped ribbon from a box of fancy cakes, but thought it was too STRIPY. What to do? Well, I twisted it, pinned it, pressed it and then stitched it down. By twisting it the stripes became slanted and the ribbon now resembled a drinking straw.

Stitches used were: a circle of Fern Stitch with French Knots, Whipped Chain (from the stitch dictionary at Pintangle) and in the middle of the block there is a stem of Feather Stitch with Buttonholed Detached Chain stitches, with a Bullion Knot is the centre. This really makes me think of red corals overgrown with green algae.....

I made this block between Aug 1 and Sep 19, 2018, and could not have done it without the gifts and encouragements from Sue, Sylvia, Helen, Jacquie, Frances, Gran, FOQ, Elizabeth, Auntie, Sharon and all my readers.



  1. Crazy for crazy looks absolutely beautiful. The details in your blocks are nice and they mean a lot to you right? I love it.

  2. This 'Watermelon, Green Olive Salad' block is attractive with embellishments and embroidery!
    I think the bias pink and green stripe is the eye catcher bringing it all together.

  3. It’s interesting to read the details and revisit the different stitches.

  4. I really admire how you are carefully documenting the meaning behind these beautiful blocks!

  5. I think it is amazing you can remember where all those fabrics came from. I have a few that have stories attached, but many came through my door, not to even be seen until years later. That twisted stripe caught my eye first.

  6. Goodness, memories, stitchery, and recipes too! Isn't it astonishing to follow the needle and find oneself Somewhere Else Entirely...!

  7. I particularly like how inventive you were with the striped ribbon. I am not sure I would have ever come up with the idea of twisting it. Clever! I may have to steal that idea!

  8. Everything about this Hexie is so lovely- from Fargo roses, Dorset button,cleverly twisted ribbon, more stitch varieties and a bonus of the history of fabrics adding more interest.


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