Wednesday 28 October 2015

WIPW - Appleton

Work In Progress Wednesday for this week is featuring my

'Conveyor Belt' needlecase 
wool embroidery. I am stitching on black cashmere with Appleton wool. Wonderfully soft!
 These are the shades I selected.

Last week I showed the design I had marked on the black cashmere, and
this is how it looks now.
It is far from completed, but was the most enjoyable work!

Wednesday 21 October 2015

WIPW - Fruity Cushion Resting

This week, Work In Progress Wednesday reports on the completion of the

Fruity Cushion.
I made up the cushion, lined it, attached a zipper and added a tassel for each corner.

For the lining I used a special kind of thin silk crepe used for Japanese summer kimonos, 楊柳 youryuu.
 In my stash I have a number of samples of summer silk, and the width was perfect for the  lining.

For the tassels I cut up lengths of the linen thread used in the embroidery.

The cushion is now resting on my bed.

So with the cushion completed I need another project. 

Conveyor Belt Needle Case

Starting back in February I made several needle cases in a 'conveyor belt' fashion in wool embroidery from a Swedish design. (There are five WIPW posts starting with this one).

The needle cases have all been given away, but I will be needing one more for a gift, so I drew the design and mounted the black wool in a hoop.

Wednesday 14 October 2015

WIPW - The Ripe Cushion

Work In Progress Wednesday.
At last I find that I have some real progress to report. I have completed the embroidery on the

Fruity Cushion
I feel the embroidery is ripe enough and I am ready to start constructing the cushion.
The orange zig-zag stitches at the edges are not part of the original design, but I thought they make a good frame and balance the colours. One can see them as the cardboard box in which the fruit is being sold!
Bon apetite!

Wednesday 7 October 2015

WIPW - At last some progress!!!

WIPW - Work In Progress Wednesday.

All summer the meterological climate in Tokyo has been too hot, and the work climate around me way too hot for sewing. Recently though, the weather has turned to lovely and the work load lessened slightly. The result; I've found a wee bit of time to work on the Fruity Cushion. It is SO nice to SEW again!!!

Fruity Cushion
I've completed the turquoise spikes around the circle and added a lot of French Knots.

I really hope to have more progress to show next week.

Thank you to all my faithful friends who have visited and left kind comments although I have not had the time to answer. I hope to be more blog active from now on.