Sunday, 11 July 2021

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 177: Double Seed Stitch

Where to find nice stitches? Well, in the Stitch Dictionary at Pintangle, of course!

Today's stitch at Sunday Stitch School is called Double Seed Stitch. It is easy enough to understand for those who know the Seed Stitch - just double it. 

Read more about how to play around with spacing, thread and beads at Pintangle.

Another name is Single Back Stitch.

First make a single Seed Stitch, and then add one more next to it, or even sharing the same holes.

One is just not enough, is it?

Get out your seed sack, head for the field and go sowing.


  1. I've used the single seed stitch, but not double. Although there may be something on the way...

  2. Pintangle is a great resource. The double seed stitches in brown look like coffee beans.

  3. My word, you do teach us some very hard-to-do stitches. LOL should be fun to play with. :-))

  4. I like Double Seed Stitch, I've used it before and it makes a good filler.


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