Sunday, 18 July 2021

May I Suggest ...Monday?

Every Monday I want to promote blog reading. The names of blogs I like have been written on pieces of paper and today I picked two slips at random from my box.

Anyone who's into crazy quilting will probably have used buttons on their quilts. 
Crazy quilter Sharon Boggon has made a quilt called 'I Dropped the Button Box Quilt' where the buttons are almost rolling off the quilt, so rich in buttons is it. 
Renowned Japanese quilter Eiko Okano's quilts are often heavy with buttons. 
I have seen quilts that were 'quilted', or 'tied' rather, with buttons, a decorative way of keeping the three layers together. 
So if you are into buttons, or if you just want to see some beautiful or unusual ones, here is Button Floozies for you. You can see fantastic Button Bouquets, Christmas Cards and the finds from Estate sales. Enjoy!

Lins Arty Blobs
This is the place to go for a smile.
Linda is a professional artist and designer, skilful in so many ways. 
First, let's continue with the button theme - Linda has made fantastic buttons, and on her blog you will find a tutorial for Art Buttons. Also check out her Button Book.
The second thing that has impressed me is how good Linda is at using recycled items, e.g. she has used the lining of envelops for beautiful collages, she has made stamps of scraps of cardboard boxes, and don't miss her Rolling Stamp Tutorial.
A third skill is her watercolour sketches, sometimes just perfectly 'correct', at other times something quirky, like a dancing penguin in a pink skirt.
I also like her Quiet Book for Samuel, a fantastic fabric playbook. 
You notice we are moving into textile. Linda has designed many fantastic patterns for fabric, have a look at My Spoonflower Shop.
These designs are created on her tablet. It is fascinating to see how one design can look when it is duplicated and there are many repeats. There are such possibilities with digital art.
I first got to know Linda in 2013 through TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) where we worked the same stitches and it was fun to compare how she and the other participants had interpreted the stitches. Linda sometimes stitched on fabric, but also on paper, and made crazy quilt blocks. Great stuff!
I hope you will enjoy a visit to Lins Arty Blobs. For me a day without a shot of Vitamin L is a dull day.


  1. Still with the new suggestions - this is wonderful!

  2. Thanks so much for the 'big' mention. You can remember more about me than I can! It makes me very happy that you like my work so much.

  3. I am enjoying reading you selections of blogs.


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