Wednesday, 28 August 2019

WIPW - How Many Chain and Buttonhole Stitches are there!?

Work In Progress Wednesday.
I have added more stitches on my
Free Form Embroidery
from the Chain and Buttonhole list:

Crossed Buttonhole Stitch, Tulip Stitch, Russian Chain Stitch, Petal Chain Stitch, Feathered Chain, Top-Knotted Buttonhole, Sailor's Stitch, Rosette of Thorns, Knotted Buttonhole, 'Beaded' (I used stitches in brown instead of beads)  Hedebo Edge, Buttonhole Cog Wheel, Buttonhole Wheel, Buttonhole Eyelet Flower, Buttonhole Wheel Cup, Whipped Buttonhole Wheel...

On the whole I'd say it's been a productive week.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

WIPW - More of those Chains and Buttonholes

Work In Progress Wednesday.

My progress this week can be seen on
Freeform Embroidery
where I have added more Chain and Buttonhole stitches.

 The dark line is Backstitched Chain.

 Here are three new additions: Barb Stitch (2 mirrored Buttonhole stitches laced with dark pink)
A swirl of Buttonhole with Picot (version 2, Chain Stitch)
A line of very uneven Bonnet Stitch in a variegated Perle 8.

Finally I added a few French Knots in the centre of the Lazy Daisy flowers - they needed a bit of contrasting colour.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

WIPW - Adding Stitches

Work In Progress Wednesday. I have added stitches to my
Freeform Holiday Embroidery
I have used mainly stitches from the Chain and Buttonhole families.
As I am on holiday I will be lazy and not specify which versions they are.

Here is an overall picture.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

WIPW - Adding Stitches As I Go

Time for another Work In Progress Wednesday report.

There is some progress on my holiday free form embroidery, not much, but it has been enjoyable to stitch at a slow pace.

 This is my scribbling so far.

The swirls were made with a new stitch, which has not been, but will be, added to the Sunday Stitch School. It is called Quaker Stitch. More on that later.
The variegated line is composed of short Buttonhole Bars.

In the third field from the left we have Sorbello Stitch, then there is a line of Open Chain Stitch with French Knots in light purple, and the last section is filled with Long Tailed Lazy Daisy Stitch.

The final additions are from the Chain Stitch family - a line of Chain Stitch (at the top) which will be transformed into Satin Chain Stitch when I add 'legs'.
Underneath is a line of Cable Chain Stitch, and at the bottom we have Magic Chain Stitch, part of the line has a colour change for every other stitch and for the rest I stitched two blue and two green and then repeated the pattern.

Now what stitch will I use to fill in the void? Another kind of Chain Stitch?

More progress to report next Wednesday - I hope.
Until then I will engross in embroidery books in local libraries in search of stitches to add to Sunday Stitch School.

Friday, 2 August 2019

WIPW - World Embroidery Day Has Already Passed

On my Holiday Embroidery I am enjoying adding stitches in a free form.

There have been a few linear stitches: Scroll Stitch, Coral Stitch and Wrapped Coral Stitch, which can be seen at the bottom of the design.
I then added a Raised Chain band and a set of Buttonholed Chain Stitch so two chambers of nothing popped up.
The blank area between them was filled with Cross Stitch and the other area is currently being filled with Lazy Daisy Stitch.

I did this before and on World Embroidery Day 30th of July. Sorry for posting late.