Sunday, 25 July 2021

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 179: Double Pekinese Stitch

For anyone who has done the Pekinese Stitch, 

today's stitch will be easy. You can guess why, when you hear the name - Double Pekinese Stitch.

I picked up this stitch from Pintangle.

Begin with a row of Back Stitch.

Then make another row parallel  
to it.

Change to a contrasting thread.
Without biting any fabric
go under the second pair of
stitches, from top to bottom.

Then go under the first pair of
stitches, from bottom upward.

Third pair, downward, then 
second pair, upward, and 
so on.

Continue to the end of the line.

Depending on how much slack you give, the contrasting thread will be highly visible and stand out, or hardly be noticeable at all.

Here is also a good opportunity to play with unusual or 'difficult' thread.

Work the three samplers.


  1. That might be interesting if the two rows had more space between. Would the name change? Your sampler has two cute cockroaches! Now that is an interesting stitch!

  2. That looks interesting. I look forward to seeing your samples.

  3. Edith John also suggests stacking progressively more lines of backstitch to create broader shapes...


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