Wednesday, 29 April 2015

WIPW - A New Project!

This week's Work In Progress Wednesday (WIPW) features the start of a new project! First, however, let's have a look at the ongoing

Pile 'em On
I added rough Cretan stitches for my pulled work.
Then made Buttonholed Rings for the circle.
This is how I made them:

For my Canvas work I selected three stitches:
Tent (bottom left)
Cashmere (top left)
Moorish (top right)
The light grey Coton a Broder is too thin for this gauge of the fabric...

New!  Fruity Cushion
I was recently given this wonderful book
published by Hemslöjdens Förlag, and featuring Swedish embroideries from 1950's and -60's.
Among them is the pattern for a cushion called Röd Frukt (Red Fruit) designed by Ingrid Franzén-Weiss in 1955.
I thought it was time for some embroidery with linen thread,
 so picked these from my stash.
Then promptly marked the design, mounted the fabric on a frame and got started.
Watch this space!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

WIPW - Canvas work

This WIPW (Work In Progress Wednesday) report is only featuring:

Pile 'em On

I put all of the little time I had for needlework into this project.

First I added another flame of Pulled work, made out of rough Buttonhole stitches.
Then I made some bows out of thread, to add more structure to the centre circle.

Most of the work, however, went into the Canvas work I am trying to master.
 The stitches are, from left: Twill, Double Twill, Long, Parisian
 Parisian, Florentine and Algerian Eye

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WIPW - Returning

Work In Progress Wednesday!
How nice to write those words again, and return to blogging. I've been, and will continue to be, very busy, so my report today is not so 'rich'. Let's hope for more progress in the coming WIPW reports.

Pile 'em On
While entertaining my house guests, a few chunky stitches were added to the circle, and a small flame of slanting stitches made.

I also started on some Canvas work in one corner. I just wanted to try out this form of needlework, and selected an easy stitch, the Twill Stitch.

Completed! TASTY Beads Galore
As we have learned 17 Beaded TAST stitches so far, I decided to make a frame out of 17 pieces of blue cotton and for each seam added the UNbeaded TAST stitches.
The list is long, so I won't bore you with details, but show you a close up of TAST #138 Barb Stitch:

Special project
My visitors from Sweden wanted to try their hands at indigo dyeing. We went to a workshop in Tokyo and apart from tie dyeing this T-shirt
I asked to dye some embroidery cotton (Perle #5 and Coton a Broder)