Monday, 12 July 2021

May I Suggest ... Monday?

Every Monday I want to promote blog reading. The names of blogs I like have been written on pieces of paper and today I picked two slips at random from my box.

Go and meet Renee, who is famous for her beautiful, advanced and challenging Cross Stitch projects. For her sons she sews the most fantastic artwork of dragons, and a white tiger. 
She is a good at keeping records of her progress with charts and %s, and she often lets us compare two pictures to see where the progress is. Blogpost after blogpost we can see details in these pictures emerge.

Renee is also into crazy quilting, and it was this that first drew me to her blog, after I got to know her through TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday - an online stitch exploration at Pintangle).
Among the many beautiful things Renee has made are Christmas ornaments, for example a X-mas stocking complete with crazy quilting, cross stitch sections, beads and trinkets.
Another thing that often features in her original work is the spider's web.

Renee is very generous and shares with her readers some nice tutorials, and she always adds links to other stitchers whose work is worth looking at.

This is the place to go for stitches. Sarah has collected hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hand embroidery stitches, documented them all beautifully in stitch families, with clear pictures and easy to follow instructions.

Sarah has also put together ebooks of her stitches if you prefer to buy a copy and keep it in your computer or tablet.

To encourage readers to use the various stitches, Sarah has published a number of stitch designs made up of three types of stitches each, they are both simple and beautiful.

Finally I would like to say that Sarah always answers questions and has a wealth of knowledge, so do not miss reading the comments section.

Enjoy reading blogs!


  1. I know of Renee, having found her blog by the crazy quilt connection quite a while ago. I’ll have to check out Sarah next.

  2. Years ago, there used to be kind of a home page for blogger that introduced new bloggers or you could go there to find other bloggers (like foreigners in Japan or those with similar tastes and techniques.) I often went there to check them out.

    1. That would be a really interesting page, Julie. I wonder if it's still there, buried somewhere that is now hard to find.

  3. Both Renee and Sarah have wonderful blogs for fabulous projects and new and old stitches. There is Always something interesting to catch my eye.

  4. You are introducing me to a whole wealth of new-to-me bloggers!


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