Wednesday, 7 July 2021

WIPW - Here We Go

What might my Work In Progress Wednesday report contain today?

One progress is the sorting out and tidying up of my sewing corner. It was a boring, but necessary job.

The second progress is that I have started on the

Log Cabin Quilting

I am using Dual Duty quilting thread, but instead of the traditional Running Stitch I am indulging in embroidery, namely Feather Stitch.

Feather Stitch works as a useful quilting stitch, and is more decorative than the in-the-ditch stitching. It will also hold the pieces together if there should be any weak seams.

So far I have completed 12 blocks (the top three are partly hidden).

In total there are 360 blocks. 

Let's calculate. Say I quilt one block a day. With such speed completing the entire quilt would take about a year! 

2 blocks/day = 6 months

3 blocks/day = 4 months 

4 blocks/day = 3 months

I am sure it will be hard to work during the sweltering heat of August, and as you know life often gets in the way of one's plans, so it is impossible to set a definite finishing date. 

However, I will try to finish this before the end of 2021.

My WIPW reports might be boring in the future, but I a planning to find time for some other stitching. Hopefully there will be more than trillions of feathers to look at on the Wednesday reports for the rest of the year.

By the way, here is the progress chart that I will fill in weekly.


  1. Wow! That is a real labour of love, but it should add quite a lot of strength to the seams.

  2. The feather stitch is perfect for this quilt!

  3. Yes feather stitch is a good choice. I don't care if it's slow, that gives me more time to appreciate the colors and stitches!

  4. At least your chart will encourage you by demonstrating your progress!

  5. Oh my! This quilt gets prettier and prettier!


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