Sunday, 25 October 2020

Sunday Stitch School - Revision: Stitches 146 - 150

 May I start with a notice:

It is hard to get to grips with the New Blogger. If the spacing between the paragraphs is as gigantic as in the Preview it is totally unintentionally. How to shrink the space, I do NOT know!

Reading blogs is a great joy, there is so much to learn and admire. I really want to leave comments, but for some reason unknown to me, New Blogger often won't let me. Where it is possible I will comment directly on your blogs, but on those I cannot I will comment by sending an email (to those whose address I know).


Back to Sunday Stitch School! It is revision time! Here are the five most recent stitches. Click on the title to see instructions for each stitch.

146 Knotted Stitch

A tidy stitch, this one.

147 Woven Circle Stitch

An easy stitch, this one.

148 Zig-zag Petal Stitch

A beautiful stitch, this one.

149 German Knotted Braid Stitch

A spicy stitch, this one.

150 Celestial Eyelet Stitch

A starry stitch, this one.


Make a Sunbonnet Sue including the above stitches.

Friday, 23 October 2020

Friday Homework for Lesson 150: Celestial Eyelet Stitch

I just love the look of this star, and it is so easy to make, especially on Aida and other fabric with a good grid.

In the Comment Box I got a suggestion from Elizabeth Healey. She is a graphic designer and Queen of recycling fabric for a new fresh look in quilting. She teaches workshops, writes articles, and is also the author of two excellent books 'Stitch, Fabric & Thread' and 'LACE Reimagined'. Both these publications show lots of new approaches to traditional work. So I was not surprised when she suggested that Celestial Eyelet Stitch could be stitched in two colours - one for the outer cross and another for the inner. I gave it a try and it worked very well, don't you think?

Aida Sampler

Sunday Stitch School Reference Chart

Teal Wool Tailoring Scribble Cloth

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

WIPW - Nearing the End

 It is time for another Work In Progress Wednesday report.

Freeform Embroidery

This project is nearing its end, I started it in July last year, so it has been brewing for 15 months. 

Most of the areas are now filled in. What's left will be a few stitches here and there, then there is the stretching and finishing with a border.

During the last week I added these stitches: Knotted Sheaf, God's Eye, German Knotted Braid, Tvistsöm and Woven Circle.

Log Cabin Challenge
I made another ten blocks. Totally I now have 280 blocks.

However, I am running out of the metallic fabric I am using for the centre piece. From my stash of fancy dressmaking fabric I pulled out another type of metallic, in the colours of the rainbow. The gold can be used for the this Log Cabin Challenge, there is yellow gold and cool silvery gold.

Here you can compare them: Copper (the one I am running out of) on the left, gold (what I started out with) in the middle, and gold (the new one). This one is more structured - its a roaring fire in the hearth!

Crazy for Crazy

Other pieces I pulled out from the stash were these in teal that I will be using for the next Crazy Quilt Octagon block. 

I have not selected ornaments or lace/ribbon yet, but I will try my hand at making a shirtwaist button, and I have plenty of gold pearls and beads.

Tvistsöm Cushion

I made another few rows...

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 150: Celestial Eyelet Stitch

To celebrate that we have reached a milestone - stitch #150, here is a very beautiful starry stitch - the heavenly Celestial Eyelet Stitch.

I found it at Arts and Design.

It is easy and charming.

Work it like this:

Use Straight Stitch to make a cross

with four arms.

Next, come out from the tip of one arm

and enter the tip of the next Straight Stitch.

Take the needle out between the two 

stitches, near the centre.

Go under the loop.

Give the thread a bit slack 

and enter right in the centre,

catching the loop.

Work you way around the star 

in the same way.

What do you end up with? This

beautiful star with a little cross

in the centre.

Isn't it heavenly?