Sunday, 17 November 2019

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2020

Are you planning to visit the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2020 in January next year?
Here is information

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 114: Ship's Ladder Stitch

Welcome. Let's go on a Stitch Cruise with today's Ship's Ladder Stitch.

I came across this stitch at Kimberley Quimet, where Kim says it comes from Mary Webb's book 'Embroidery Stitches'.

It's a simple combination of a line of vertical straight stitches, crossed by diagonal ones at each gap.

I began by marking the plain weave fabric with some lines.

Start stitching by making a line of Straight Stitch.
Take as small a bite of the fabric as possible at each intersection.

Place a diagonal Straight Stitch across the line
so you cover the little bit of fabric at each intersection.

Worked on counted fabric, the spacing would be easier.

Add Ship's Ladder on each of these samplers.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Friday Homework for Lesson 113: Knotted Chain Stitch

Addictive, that is the best way to describe this stitch!

Aida Sampler

Teal Wool Tailoring Scribble Cloth

Sunday Stitch School Reference Chart

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

WIPW - Rip and R.I.P.

The report on progress this Wednesday is one of backward rather than forward.

Rip, rip, rip.... I have been ripping up the woollen yarn of my Tvistsöm embroidery cushion and the
Glowing Stars
project can now R.I.P. (Rest In Peace)

I could for my life not make the pattern fit, the triangles and the stars did not meet where they were supposed to.
Furthermore I noticed some flaws;  I had worked some of the crosses with the long arm from left to right and the others from right to left.

When I first learned the Tvistsöm stitches, it was such a delight to work the Sunday Stitch lessons and the samplers and I got inspired to start on the cushion.

Work on the cushion was OK until I started to add a few stitches here and there in different colours. It slowed down the process and I just got lost in the pattern.

Tvistsöm is SO different from ordinary Cross Stitch. There one stitch is a square, in Tvistsöm one stitch is a parallelogram (like an italic rectangle). Keeping track of the stitches on the graph pattern was difficult.

So I ripped up every stitch and fumed at the waste of yarn and time as I laid the Glowing Stars to R.I.P.

I will start all over again but with a pattern of blocks of colour. Hopefully I will enjoy it better and the result will be acceptable.

Circles Challenge
I have finished the three last blocks.
The next step will be to assemble the blocks before I can add the embroidery.

Freeform Embroidery
Because I spent so much time on ripping up the cushion embroidery, I have not had time to add more than two stitches on the Freeform Embroidery: Woven Cross and Chinese Cross.