Sunday, 16 February 2020

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 122: Needle Weaving Bar

If you have taken part in TAST you will probably have made Needle Woven Picots. Today we will weave a bar in a similar fashion. I found the Needle Weaving Bar in Embroidery Stitches A - Z 1.

First make a loop.

Instead of a pin, use a thread (green) to loop

and stretch the (purple) thread.
Take the purple thread out in the first hole.

Weave up

and down over the two purple bars.

When you reach the end

release the purple thread from the green loop.

Stretch the bar, 
or let it form an arch, 
or twist it to form a 'screw'.
Then anchor it. 

Remove the green loop thread.

Add to these three samplers

Friday, 14 February 2020

Friday Homework for Lesson 121: Point â la Minute

Finding new and unusual stitches to try out is fun, it is not so fun to realise one has made a silly mistake in reading the instructions!

That is what I learned from my homework this time!

While wrapping the eight Straight stitches one should let the thread travel on the front instead of anchoring it. The result will be a proper cross.
I am sorry for the incorrect instructions in last Sunday's lesson.

Having said that, I personally think the wrong way is prettier, and the wraps sit much better when they are anchored at the beginning and end of each Straight Stitch.
Therefor I have let myself off the hook and here show two versions of Point â la Minute.

Aida Sampler

Sunday Stitch School Reference Chart

Teal Wool Tailoring Scribble Cloth

This stitch has a bitter after taste, I don't think I like it very much. Sigh!

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

WIPW - Scraps and Plans

Wednesday, time to publish this weeks Work In Progress Wednesday report.

Freeform Embroidery
I added a line of Spanish Feather Stitch and another one of Triangular Buttonhole Stitch.

Tvistsöm Cushion
Just started on row 35.

Hina Dolls
As I blogged about yesterday, I have completed three new Hanging Hina Dolls.

At the quilt show in Tokyo Dome I bought some plastic cupped discs and will use them together with fabric scraps to make a necklace.

Birthday Cards Plan
I have also started preparations for two birthday cards that need to be stitched up asap.

Monday, 10 February 2020

Hina Dolls 2020

I have completed the three Hanging Hina Dolls I had set out to make this year.

From these pieces of chirimen (silk or polyester crêpe)

I made a mouse, a seahorse and a Hozuki plant (Physalis Alkekengi or Chinese or Japanese Lantern)

I now have 82 ornaments in my Hina mobile.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 121: Point á la Minute

Welcome to the first stitch in a set of five new embroidery stitches.
Today we are looking at a cousin of the Wrapped Cross Stitch (stitch #85).
Here is Sunday Stitch School stitch number 121, Point á la Minute.

I have come across it in Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches, where it is worked in two colours, as well as various embroidery blogs.

It is best worked in a thread with a good twist, like Perle.

Make a cross out of eight Straight stitches.

Come out in the same hole as the blue thread and wrap the first Straight Stitch.

Anchor and continue with the next Straight Stitch.

I think it would be better to use the same colour thread, to avoid the blue thread peeping through.

Homework is as usual, to work the Aida Sampler, the Sunday Stitch School Reference Chart and the Teal Wool Tailoring Scribble Cloth.

Friday, 7 February 2020

Friday Revision Homework - Stitches 116 - 120


Sunbonnet Sue 

is cordially invited to a Fancy Dress Party at 
The Crystal Ballrooms, Metropolis City
on Friday February 7th 2020
at 9pm.

Sue:   Wow! What fun! I really want to go, but Fancy Dress... What shall I go as? How should I dress?
Queenie:   They didn't invite ME!!! Why??? 
Sue:   Don't sulk! 
Queenie:   Well, IF I had been invited I know just what I would have gone as!
Sue:   You do? Tell me, tell me, tell me please!
Queenie:   You see, I have just learned this fancy stitch, Woven Long Tail Lazy Daisy Stitch.
Sue:   Oh really? How would you use it?
Queenie:   Well, it always reminded me of an Egyptian collar.
Sue:   So you would dress as an Egyptian princess?
Queenie:   Yes, I think so, and the Magic Split Stitch would be excellent for the black hair.
Sue:   Oh, why don't you make me a collar and the wig and the dress and the armbands...
Queenie:   Why should I?!
Sue:   PLEASE!
Queenie:   Oh well, all right then. As I am not invited I guess I could just as well make it for you...
Sue:   You're a great pal!
Queenie:   Pfft... Just remember, it's going to be very windy. So windy your hair will cover your face! No one will see your pretty face, but everyone will see MY costume!
Sue:  Pfft!

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

WIPW - Preparing for Hina

Work In Progress Wednesday, here we are again. A week passes so quickly, have I managed to make any progress?

Freeform Embroidery
I added two stitches, both or them were learned years ago in the TAST online course run by Sharon of Pintangle.
The stitches are Detached Buttonhole Stitch, and Barb Stitch.

Tvistsöm Cushion
I have just completed row 32 and will start 33.

Hina Dolls
It is time to add three more Hina Hanging Dolls to the mobile.
If you don't know what I am talking about read about Hina dolls here.

I have picked out the fabric and started making the paper patterns.
Now what will I be making, do you think? The hints are: an autumn plant, the animal of the year and something from the sea.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Sunday Stitch School - Revision: Stitches 116 - 120

Sorry there was a holiday last Sunday caused by the quilt show at Tokyo Dome.

We have a lot to catch up on. Let's review stitches 116 - 120.

Click on the headline for instructions and information.

116 Woven Long Tail Chain
This is such a great arrangement, and the variations are many. Play with length or thread.

117 French Knotted Lazy Daisy Stitch
A long name for a simple stitch!

118 Lazy Daisy Picot Stitch
Very similar in looks to the previous stitch, maybe a bit more untidy, though. The workings are totally different.

119 Alternating Magic Split Stitch
This stitch is not difficult at all, but looks impressive. The kind of stitch that gives instant satisfaction for very little input.
120 Magic Split Stitch
Even easier! Maybe not as impressive, though. Smart stitching, double value - two stitches for the price if one.

Homework: Figure out a way to use these stitches for a Sunbonnet Sue block.

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2020 - Part 9 - Masters, Music, a Monkey and the Made in Britain

In Japan there is a handful of VERY famous and active quilters. What did they treat us to this time?

Shizuko Kuroha makes magical quilts from vintage indigo scraps, has a great collection of fabric and arranges samples in accordion books:

She generously holds demonstrations and talks at almost every show.

Look at what crowds she drew, (and notice how the Corona virus scare affected visitors at the show - a team of quilt surgeons?).

Every year one of these VIP quilters is especially highlighted. This year it was Keiko Goke's turn, as she celebrated 50 years of quilting.
Did you notice this big globe in a previous blog post?
Seeing it from a distance, you can not fail to know it is the hallmark of Ms Goke - colourful, playful and vibrant.
There are smaller balls and cubes as well.
I guess the core is an inflated balloon or exercise balancing ball.

In the exhibition Keiko Goke's studio had been recreated, and from time to time she was at her sewing machine demonstrating her technique.

Following are some examples of her quilts.

Next, let us have a look at Music by Masters. Here I mean quilt masters, not composers.

Eight Master Quilters had been invited to show their favourite music style in quilting.
Let me show you some of them.

Yoko Ueda

uses her education in art to make the most beautiful water colour style quilts in a large scale.
Carmen and La Traviata are two operas that she celebrated here. They were used for the cover of the program and tickets.

Yoko Saito

who is internationally know for her taupe quilts, picked Mary Poppins for inspiration.

Her students/followers joined in and contributed other scenes from the musical.

Every umbrella for the displays had a bird's head handle.

Visitors had cameras by the ready, but the shutter chances were few with those crowds.

 Kathy Nakajima
 makes Hawaiian quilts, as well as stained glass and rose appliqué quilts.
Examples of these various styles can be found in her booth celebrating the music of Freddie Mercury of Queen. She turned the album cover of Bohemian Rhapsody into one of cats.

Suzuko Koseki

adds red and fashion (high heel shoes and New Look dresses) to most of her work.
This time she let build a 'Soda Fountain' complete with high stools and a juke box. Time of Oldies.

On the walls were these quilts by her and her students.

 Akane Sakamoto
 makes very playful quilts, and in this case lots of stuffed toys,

and the large quilt behind her., for The Nutcracker.
Here she is showing her work to Yoko Saito who had taken a break from the Mary Poppins booth.

 Reiko Washizawa

 is  most well known for her elegant trapunto quilts.
 Every year she is in charge of a larger display at the show. She did Wizard of Oz a couple of years ago, and Monet's Garden last year.
This time it was a scene from Bremen with the four ageing musicians.
Her students contribute with all the fabric flowers and other props.

Now for the Monkey mentioned in the blog post heading.
His name is George and he is curious, yes, this part of the quilt show was dedicated to Curious George.

I especially liked this alphabet quilt.

Look at the details.

 Art Textiles:Made in Britain and quilts from The Quilters' Guild Museum Collection
were two areas at the show where photos were not allowed. Click on the links and read their web sites instead.
I can, however, tell you that I saw a crazy quilt in The Guild's collection, so heavily bedecked with embroidery it looked like an oriental carpet. Pure delight!

Have you enjoyed the show? I had a good time in the company of good friends looking at good quilts.
I went back home with a goody bag, too. Some goodies were bought, but most were gifts. Dear friends, THANK YOU.

Here I complete the reports from Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2020, and will now turn my attention to my own stitching. I'll be back at Sunday Stitch School later today.

For more pictures and stories from the show I recommend that you visit:
ByTaniwa who has written up several posts and is a pro photographer.
My Quilt Diary by Julie, well worth reading and looking.
Pamela's Hokkaido Kudasai for an almost complete set of photographs!