Wednesday 24 June 2015

Work In Progress Wednesday - Sloppier than Sloppy

I have not been able to spend much time,  and even less focus, on my needlework recently. This report shows that most of my work is very sloppy.

Pile 'em On
I have only worked on the canvas stitches:
 This is an overview picture of the eight stitches I've added since last report (starting with the fourth from the top right).
 Renaissance Stitch (gray and pink), Milanese Stitch (variegated)
 Linen Stitch (blue), Plait Stitch (pink)
 Long-Armed Stitch (gray), Greek Stitch (wine pink)
Knotted Stitch (pink) which is spaced wrongly and not worked in individual rows!, Double Stitch (gray) still in progress.

Extra! A Birthday Card
I made a birthday card with a stumpwork portrait.
With this portrait I took a bit of care, but only used items from my stash. The turtle neck jumper is made from nylon 'mesh craft' material, i.e. the same as tights (panty hose) are made from. The silvery treads add a bit of sparkle.

My time at the computer is very limited, so please excuse me if I won't be able to answer any comments.

Sunday 7 June 2015

NHK Partnership Quilt for 2016

The information for next year's NHK Partnership Quilt project (to be displayed in Tokyo Dome in January, 2016,) has now been announced.

The theme is  M U S I C

Should you wish to participate, then these are the rules:
  • one block per person
  • 20 cm x 20 cm for the motif, add a seam allowance of 1-2 cm on all sides
  • flimsy block, i.e. no wadding, no quilting
  • your name should be written with pen in the seam allowance of the lower right hand corner
  • your block should have reached NHK by 31st August, 2015
  • enclose a note with your name, address, tel no, email address
  • send to:
Partnership Quilt
NHK Sutekini Handmade
2-2-1 Jinnan
Tokyo 150-8001

Your block will be joined with other blocks into large bed size quilts and quilted by volunteers. These quilts will be displayed at Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival in January next year, where they will be raffled off. A raffle ticket is 500 yen.

A link (in Japanese) to NHK's website for this event is here.

Now IF you plan to send in a block, AND live in Japan don't forget to enclose a self addressed and stamped (52 yen) postcard. Leave the back plain and NHK will then print the information about which quilt your block has been added to, and return the post card to you.