Tuesday, 13 July 2021

I Have This Friend

I have made many friends through my blog and am so thankful for all the knowledge, ideas, inspiration and encouragement I have got from this friendship.

Among these friends is one who generously wants to share some of the overflow of her stash. This time she had a double set of a nifty tool. Look want she sent me:

A set of plastic discs with a whole in the middle.

What are they for you might wonder. Well this picture will show you. 
Yes, with these rings you can make perfect circles for appliqué.

Mark a circle on a piece of fabric, follow the line with Running Stitch. Place a disc smaller than the  circle in the centre, then pull the thread tight.  

Apply a hot iron and press from the back, making neat gathers of the seam allowance.
You can use a wee bit of starch or liquid sizing for a more permanent press.

Gently loosen the thread and pic out the plastic ring.

Carefully tighten the thread again, turn and look in wonder at the perfect circle of fabric, all ready to be appliquéd.
In the past I have used hand cut discs of cardboard, but they tend to quickly lose their shape. These rings of plastic can withstand the hot iron and be used again and again and again...

Thank you, M!  This gift will be well used and treasured, you can be sure of that.

Tomorrow, on WIPW, I'll show my new project where this circle ended up.


  1. A very useful gift, what a great idea for perfect circles.

  2. I have a set of these circles and I love them!

  3. Neat circle! I'm sure you'll have fun making more.

  4. That is a great method with good results. Wonderful friend, yes!

  5. A lovely and thoughtful friend to send them to you.

  6. That's interesting. I BOUGHT some similar rings and the seller told me that they were to put inside the bobbin carriage (they may be made of silicon) to keep the bobbin from sticking and making thread nests...


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