Baby Blocks Tutorial

This soft toy of wobbly baby blocks, or Baby Rubik's Cube is fun to play with, but tricky to make.

I hope this will explain how, but I fear it might confuse!:

The cubes have a filling of rubber foam,
the kind of material used for a kitchen sponge. I had a ''board' of rubber foam and cut out the cubes, 4 cm on all sides.

  • You need 8 cubes of rubber foam, 4x4 cm.
  • You need 6 different fabrics (I used the prints seen below). Cut them into 4x4 cm squares and 4x8 cm rectangles.
  • Add 0,7 mm seam allowance on all sides.
  • You need plenty of pins, sturdy thread and a needle.
  • Optional, press interfacing on the back of the fabric.
  • Finger press the seam allowance

Fabric #1 purple polka dot        Cut 4 squares and 2 rectangles

Fabric #2  hedgehogs and mushrooms       Cut 4 rectangles

Fabric #3  cats      Cut 4 squares and 2 rectangles

Fabric #4 flowers     Cut 4 squares and 2 rectangles

Fabric #5 berries    Cut 4 squares and 2 rectangles

Fabric #6 black and white stripes   Cut 4 rectangles

Place the rubber foam cubes in two rows, and pin the fabric onto them like this:
#1 in the middle, note the placement of the rectangles (which goes over two cubes) and squares.
#2 front and back of cubes
#5 sides of cubes

So begin with #1 (purple) on top
and #2( hedgehogs and mushrooms) on the long sides

and #4 (berries) on both short ends

Now stitch along the red lines.
Use a ladder stitch.
DON'T remove the pins. Keep them stuck into the cubes until you have completed the whole toy. I know, they are in the way, but be patient.

When you have completed that job,
fold the cubes so the purple fabric is facing
#2 (hedgehogs and mushrooms) is now seen on top. 

Pin #4 (flowers) on the long sides
 Stitch along the red lines with ladder stitch.

Next step, turn everything upside down

Now pin #3 (cats) like in the picture. Note the placement of rectangles and squares.
Stitch along the red lines.

When that is done, fold the cubes so #3 (cats) is facing

#4 (flowers) is now on top

Continue in the same way and stitch the outer edges.
When you are done, fold as if you were closing a book.

Here comes the trickiest part.
You can now see #4 (berries) gradually on top as #2 (hedgehogs and mushrooms) are facing.
 like this

When you can see all #4 (berries) on all the blocks you are home free!

Stitch along the red lines.

Turn everything upside down.

Finally pin #6 (stripes) to the top and stitch

This is tricky, but if you are patient and careful, you will have a nice toy!


  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I'm honestly not sure if I can wrap my mind around how to do it but I will try once I get hold of some foam!

  2. Very nice tutorial. it is very interesting to see the steps , for that i want to try this out.

  3. Wow! Your tutorial looks great, Queenie!
    You are very clever to work this through.
    Barbara xx

  4. Thank you for this tutorial! I always wondered how these blocks worked, but never took the time to draw and figure it out!


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