Wednesday 26 October 2016

WIPW - Just Cutting

The first W in WIPW stands for Work. Is Work a noun  as in Patchwork or A Work of Art? Or is it a verb and stand for the action of sewing/knitting etc? Does it stand only for Sewing? I hope cutting triangles will count as Work In Progress, too!

Trinity Green
For the last week I have had no time to sit down and actually sew any triangles, but have cut and cut and cut and filled the boxes with piles of triangular pieces again:

Nor have I had time to pick a Fabric in Focus.

Hopefully I will have a much better report next week.

Tuesday 25 October 2016

TASTy Tuesday Second Helpings - Pudding

TASTy Tuesday Second Helpings is coming to a close.

 From the work I listed last week:
  1.  Redo #22 Buttonhole Wheel Stitch
  2.  Try to remove an unfortunate stain
  3.  Work some lettering in the small spaces left between the ten blocks at the side
  4.  Stretch the fabric
  5.  Turn over the edges and hem them
  6.  Add a backing and hanging sleeve
I have completed #1 - 5.

This time I knew how to space the stitches for nice and even Buttonhole Wheels, (the light blue circles).
The stain was easy to remove, and unless you look really close you do not see any trace of it.
I used Cross Stitch, which is not a TAST stitch, for the text T A S T   2 0 1 6 .
It was hard to stretch such a large piece of fabric and I cheated a bit with the help of my iron.
By adding a running stitch along the edges it was easy to fold the fabric, press it and hem the piece.

I am quite full but still enjoying my 'pudding', adding the backing and hanging sleeve.

Wednesday 19 October 2016

WIPW - A Good Number

For the Work In Progress Wednesday I can report that for

Trinity Green

I have stitched a good number of triangles, namely 486, which means the total now is 5.724. I can no longer close the lid of the box I am storing the paper strips in.

However there is still more work to do, so keep stitching, Queenie!

Fabric in Focus

Do you ever buy fabric just because you liked the look of it, in spite of not having any plans for how to use it?
Well, I do, or did anyway, now I am trying to use up what I have instead of indulging in impulsive shopping.

One such fat quarter was this rich pattern:

Eventually I found good use for it when I made this fabric box. The left over was cut into triangles and has ended up in Trinity Green.


Tuesday 18 October 2016

TASTy Tuesday Second Helpings 135 - 140

We have reached the final course of this TASTy meal; all the 140 stitches have been added.

135) Beaded Fern Stitch
136) Knotted Buttonhole Band (impossible to get the right hand (upper) stitches neat)
137) Beaded Knotted Buttonhole Band (impossible to get any stitch neat)

138) Barb Stitch
139) Beaded Barb Stitch
140) Threaded Cable Chain Stitch

Although all the TAST stitches have been worked into this sampler, there is more work to do:
I will redo #22 Buttonhole Wheel Stitch
I will try to remove an unfortunate stain
I will work some lettering in the small spaces left between the ten blocks at the side
I will stretch the fabric
I will turn over the edges and hem them
I will add a backing and hanging sleeve

There will still be some weeks of TASTy Tuesdays.

Wednesday 12 October 2016

WIPW - Lazy Daisy, Busy Lizzy

I have been Lazy Daisy and Busy Lizzy, so uneven progress to report on Work In Progress Wednesday.

Trinity Green
I have stitched 128 pieces, and the total number of triangles is now 5.238.

Fabric in Focus
Does this turquoise/purple count as 'green'? Well, I had a small piece, just enough to make four triangles and added them to Trinity Green. The fabric was the sample scrap (for testing washing or darning) that came together with some spare buttons in a small plastic bag with a blouse I once owned. It was a Kansai Yamamoto designed blouse. His avant-garde fashion is sparkling with energy and colour. The blouse is no more in my possesion, but the fond memory remains.

Birthday Gifts
Last week I teased you with some blurred photos.
One of them is of this birthday gift table cloth I made to go with a vase.
The motif on the vase was copied and worked in DMC Metallic thread. The edge is a commercial braid in metallic thread.

During the weekend I made a tote bag, also a birthday gift.
The coffee cup is paper pieced and the cord is a kumihimo braid.

Tuesday 11 October 2016

TASTy Tuesday Second Helpings 129 - 134

I have now reapeated almost all the 140 TAST stitches.
 Of the twelve remaining, here are six beautiful ones:

129) Lock Stitch (when I learned these a long time ago, I struggled, now I had no problem)
130) Double Lock Stitch
131) Beaded Lock Stitch
132) Kikos Flower Stitch (petals) (I am still having difficulty with these, they will NOT be even!)
133) Triple Chain Stitch
134) Fern Stitch (a favourite, so soothing and meditative to work)

Wednesday 5 October 2016

WIPW -Blurred Out

Most of the Work In Progress Wednesday items this week have been blurred out, they have not yet reached their recipients so I won't show them off.

Trinity Green
has been put on the shelf and only 7 (seven!) triangles added. 
The total number is now 5.110 triangles.

No Fabric is in Focus this week

Three items were stitched, packed and shipped out:

Based on this,
I stitched this:

I also made
As you can see it has been a blurred BLUE week.

Tuesday 4 October 2016

TASTy Tuesday Second Helpings 123 - 128

123) Woven Chained Bar 
124) Closed Herringbone Stitch (or should this be even closer with the same hole for both the exit and entry stitches? What do you think?)
125) Beaded Herringbone Stitch

126) Alternating Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch
127) Beaded Alternating Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch
128) Interlaced Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch