TAST 2017 #141 -

TAST - Take A Stitch Tuesday - is a most interesting and addictive online project organised by Sharon Boggon at Pintangle. com.

It works like this: Every Tuesday an embroidery stitch is given out, e.g. Chain Stitch. The participants then have a week to make use of the stitch, either to learn it if it is new (there are easy to follow instructions in Sharon's stitch directory), or to let the imagination flow and create something. Then, if you want to, you publish your result on your own blog and leave a link in Sharon's comment box to announce to other participants what you have created.

I first read about TAST in someone's blog and thought it would be interesting to take part. It has not only been interesting, but funeducational and enormously rewarding to get to know so many other people who share my love of needlework.

Below I have posted my work, week by week.

#141 Fancy Bobbing Edging

#142 Interlaced Cable Chain

#143 Fancy Herringbone Stitch

#144 Alternating Double Chain Stitch

#145 Whipped Chain Stitch version 1

#146 Whipped Chain Stitch version 2

#147 Raised Cretan

#148 Whipped Double Chain

#149 Slipped Cable Chain 
#150 Whipped Spoke
#151 Beaded Oyster Stitch
#152 Sorbello Stitch

#153 Rosette of Thorns

#154 Feather and Chain

#155 Beaded Alternating Herringbone

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