Wednesday, 30 June 2021

WIPW - Rolled, Sandwiched, Basted and ready to be Stretched and Pricked

 Today, Work In Progress Wednesday has a report on the 

Log Cabin Challenge

and it seems to be from a cookery book:

Roll the flimsy onto a rolling pin (wooden bar).

Layer the back and wadding onto another rolling pin.

Slightly stretch and sandwich the three layers.

Unroll 40 cm at a time and baste.

When the entire sandwich is made, dig out the quilting hoop, thread and get ready to 
prick (quilt, that is).


  1. How exciting! The final phase.

  2. It's always the management of all the fabric which is the challenge, isn't it!

  3. Oh how exciting! That is great progress.

  4. Have you decided on the quilting pattern yet?

  5. That is a good analogy! Quilting is a lot like following a cookery book!
    And the colors and stitches are the ingredients and spices.

  6. Just in time for sweltering summer! But it will be so worth it! I baste my quilts the same way!


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