Monday, 9 August 2021

Sunday Stitch School - Revision: Stitches 176 - 180

Welcome to evening class at Sunday Stitch School.

It is time to look back at the last five stitches. Click on the title to see the instructions.

176 Buttonhole Cross Stitch

This stitch was found in a Scandinavian book and I have never seen it anywhere else. It is easy and looks good, too.

Surely this is one of the easiest stitches there is - just make one Seed Stitch next to another!

This stitch, however, is far trickier, both while you stitch it and afterwards, as it is so easy to pull it out of shape by mistake. It looks neat, though.

Once again, here is a double stitch. It is easy, and actually sits better than the single Pekinese Stitch.

Want to fill an area? Then here is one stitch you could try - Fancy Stitch.  It is easy to mistake it for Cloud Filling (which is a TAST stitch), but there is a difference in the foundation stitches which makes the overall look slightly wonky.

How can I use these five stitches for the Sunbonnet Sue sampler? Try crayon and black thread!


  1. You have an idea for Sue, but I can’t guess what it is.

  2. Apart from the tricky Floating Loop stitch, they look soo easy.

  3. And since I'm coming to blogs backwards this week, I already know you came up with an interesting idea!

  4. Crayon and black thread? Hmmm. This is going to be interesting!


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