Tuesday, 3 August 2021

May I Suggest ...Monday?

Every Monday I want to promote blog reading. The names of blogs I like have been written on pieces of paper and today I picked two slips at random from my box.

KDD & Co

Kate Davies Design & Co. This is a blog for those who love hand knitting, or beautiful yarn, or books, or photography. Just looking at the artistic and professional photos is a delight.

JACARANDA Textiles and Travel

Jenni's blog is full of eye candy. Here you can see exotic plants of Australia, and how leaves, cones, nuts , pods from trees are used for dyeing fabric or paper. Much of this paper is then used to bind books in the most artistic and genius ways. Rust dyeing also feature a lot, who would have thought a rusty old scrap of metall could turn into fantastic art?

So Jenni used her needle to bind books, but also to stitch together her thoughts in a series of daily cards, fondly known as Stitch Meditations. Often the colour combination is stunning, there are so many colours that look good with 'odd' shades and Jenni seems to have a natural talent in mixing colours.

It is also worth looking at old blog posts where fantastic pieced quilts can be seen. Then there are the travel pictures, often featuring exotic doorways or unique architectural designs on buildings. You will also find eye candy in the form of quilts at shows, roses in the park or vegetables in the kitchen garden, or art exhibitions.

I could write lots more, but I'll leave you to explore Jacaranda blog on your own.


  1. Those happy days when we Travelled!

  2. I love Jenni’s blog! I would call what she does with her paper and natural dyes adventurous.

  3. Queenie, I feel very humble that you included my blog in your random choosing. Thank you. I don’t see my blog as all that interesting, but I hope if others have a look, they enjoy the things I do and see in my life. Hugs Jenni

  4. Thanks for the info, I think I will be visiting Jenni's blog often.

  5. Jenni's blog is always so amazing and her love of nature really shows!


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