Sunday, 29 August 2021

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 183: Walneto Stitch

Today I have a needlepoint stitch for you. It is beautiful. It also looks complex, and when you see the numbers on the stitch diagram your head might spin. However, with a little bit of patience and practice it is an easy stitch, well worth the effort.

If you intend to work on even weave fabric, take the help of waste canvas. 

Jean Hilton has good instructions on Needlepoint Teacher.

First I marked the area with soluble ink.

Start from the bottom and stitch 
across the first corner.

Before you go across to the next corner,
take the needle UNDER the stitched

Continue in the same way,

until you reach the starting point,
where you exit one hole up.

Make sure you have placed the thread 
in the correct way at every corner.

Now go under BOTH threads of the cross.

Enter and exit one hole away from 
the previous ones.

Go UNDER ALL the threads (now three)

Continue in the same way around 
the block.

You begin to see the starry pattern.

When you have inserted your
needle in hole #72, the starry 
shape is complete.

Work these three samplers as well as the Canvas Sampler.


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