Wednesday, 11 August 2021

WIPW - A Star

Welcome to my Work In Progress Wednesday report.

Log Cabin Challenge

Twelve blocks got quilted, here marked in olive green.

Sunday Stitch School Stitch Sampler
I made a star and used the following stitches (from outside to in):

#97 Satin Threaded Chain
#69 Point Russe
#164 Satin Threaded Running


  1. Wonderful progress!
    And very fancy work on your star, the rays coming out from the center are amazing.

  2. The star looks really good, nice even chain stitches. The quilting is coming along in an orderly fashion. Great progress on both projects.

  3. I love seeing this close up photo of your gorgeous log cabin!

  4. Good progress. The star is shiny and bright.

  5. I could look at the Log Cabin and Stitch Sampler for hours and not tire of that. Both so lovely.

  6. The satin threaded stitches allow for a lot of variation, don't they!


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