Sunday, 15 August 2021

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 181: Woven Stitch

Welcome to a new lesson. 

Today's stitch is called Woven Stitch, so will we be weaving? No, we will learn a stitch that LOOKS like weaving. I found it at a website called Needlepoint for Fun. 

This is a very easy stitch, a bit like Cross Stitch, you stitch one row of slanted stitches and then return, but one hole up and askew. You can find the instructions for Woven Stitch at Needlepoint for Fun, but I will of course display my own photos here.


The thread looks like woven, because the hole where the thread goes in and out is the same and hidden under the stitch above it.
It is sturdy and looks neat on the back, too. 

A good Canvas stitch.

Fill something on these three samplers, as well as a square on the Canvas Sampler.


  1. It is a pretty stitch. I do like the even stitches.

  2. I do like this stitch. I think it would make a great border.

  3. Another attractive stitch and method. It looks like a good one to play with.

  4. Woven Stitch is fancy and beautiful in red, good tutorial.

  5. There's also Woven Stitch in the orientation 90 degrees from that, which looks like basketweave tent stitch looks on the back...


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