Wednesday, 17 February 2021

WIPW - Third Reference Chart Full

 Welcome to another Work In Progress Wednesday report.

Crazy for Crazy

I have only got as far as to mark the foundation fabric.

I also made a small tatting ornament to add to the brown block once it is pieced. See below.

Here it is, light blue thread and small blue beads.

Log Cabin Quilt

I have assembled two more 12-block units.

One more unit and I have the width of the bed cover (15 blocks), and 1/6 of the length. 
Slow, but steady progress.

A Soft Toy
I was asked to teach a young student how to make a little soft toy. In the process I had to make one myself, of course, and here is the result. 
This little bird will wing its way to a newly born boy, so the teaching job turned out to solve my problem of getting a baby shower present.

Sunday Stitch School Reference Chart
With stitch #160, I filled in the last box on the the third reference chart for the Sunday Stitch School.

I have printed out the names of the stitches and ironed on the labels. To keep the names stuck I have also stitched them down with nylon thread. I use these charts so often I need to make sure the labels stay put.

Here they all are, the 160 stitches, and more to come! Now I will have to prepare a new chart for the next set of stitches. 

Sightings of Spring 
Just a teaser before I give the full report on Saturday on my progress on this silk and felt cushion.


  1. Great progress! Your tatting is beautiful and your 'Sunday School' stitch collection is awesome.
    The Log Cabin blocks look fabulous, super hand piecing.
    Happy Late Valentines Day to you, I saw your Valentine Quilt in the previous post, cute.

  2. Wonderful post of your projects. I like your pretty tatting and can imagine one as Sue's tiara someday. The Log Cabin work is growing larger. Very timely to have 2 projects done..the soft toy teaching and gift as well. I looove your Stitch Chart.

  3. You have been very busy with wonderful results of tatting and stitching. Love your little bird. Great idea making the stitch chart.

  4. The beads on the tatting are lovely!
    What a fabulous reference to have all those stitches together with their names. I find it surprising how when I go back to a sampler after a long interval, it takes a while to remember some of the names of the stitches.

  5. All your projects are showing good progress. Tatting piece is lovely. Stitch collection is also good, all in one place. After seeing your crazy for crazy blocks I have decided to join a class on that to use all my scrap fabrics. I have lot fabric in my stash also. You are always an inspiration to me.

  6. I wonder how long it will be before you run out of new stitches. Some of them look quite similar already. I picked up my log cabin layout to make room to lay out the kotatsu cover ... that pretty well filled up the room. Maybe next challenge should be something small like a baby quilt or wall hanging.(knowing I have hardly any wall space)

  7. Those reference charts are really useful. However good the photo, it's not as good as having a sample that you've stitched yourself!

  8. OOh your tatting with beads is beautiful! I've tried that once with minimal success but it really does make the tatting elegant!


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