Wednesday, 6 January 2021

WIPW - The First Work of the New Year

Work In Progress Wednesday, the first report of 2021.

During the New Year break I focused on learning


both with a shuttle and with a needle. 

Some examples of my first trial and errors....

I much prefer the needle tatting, maybe because it resembles casting on loops on a (knitting)needle, which I am already familiar with. 

Shuttle tatting, however, is more stylish, the clicking sound of the shuttle is very pleasing and it is fascinating to see how each loop magically turns from the shuttle thread, to the hand thread - IF you get the tension right!

There is where shuttle tatting gives me a problem. My fingers are getting stiff (with age) and it is hard to control the tension for each loop. 

With needle tatting the loops form automatically on the stiff needle and the core thread is simply pulled through the loops - straight forward, without the magic or style the shuttle gives you, unfortunately. 

Well, the result looks the same, but wouldn't it be nice to 'show off' zippy shuttle work! Hm, if that is my goal, I will have to flex my fingers and keep on practicing.

Log Cabin Challenge
5 more blocks - total count is 335.

Crazy for Crazy
I started a new octagon block. This time it is oranges and milk - I hope it won't curdle!
Can you see the orange row of tatted rings trying to nestle its way into this block?


  1. Your tatting is very pretty, love the one with the button! It's good to see some of it is trying to find his way onto your crazy block.

  2. I like all that tatting, and it will be fun to see on your octagon blocks. I think the flower around the button is great. I was able to teach myself knitting and crochet, but tatting done by my mom went too fast for me to figure out how it was done. Your log cabin blocks look about the same size as the ones I am making and I can't imagine making that many.

  3. tatting trials look nice. Me too like needle tatting than shuttle tatting. So many log cabin blocks. What will be the end result?

  4. Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Beautiful tatting! I think the technique is not as important as the outcome.
    Some people, using thick yarn, knit with their hands and their knitted coverlets turn out looking fabulous.
    Orange and milk is a good choice and you're off to a good start.
    I enjoy seeing your projects, thank you.

  5. Your tatting looks very pretty. It's not something I've tried. I like the colour combination for your new block.

  6. The tatting is looks lovely! I gave up trying to learn to shuttle tat from a book. Needle tatting sounds like a better alternative for me. The outcome looks identical.

  7. Pretty tatting, I can’t tatt. Looking forward to seeing your new block finished.

  8. The tatting around the button is particularly intriguing, isn't it!

  9. Happy New Year Queenie!
    Pretty tatting!
    It would be nice to know you’ve used the shuttle but not if it causes pain!
    Barbara xx

  10. Love your tatting. I have never seen a button added in tatting as you have. It looks great - was it difficult to maneuver? The Log Cabin blocks are rich in colour. I'm looking forward to seeing the Crazy for Crazy block details appear.

  11. Your tatting is gorgeous. Maybe I will try it. I like the colors of your new block!

  12. I love your idea of tatting around a button. Will have to try that.


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