Saturday, 9 January 2021

NEW! Saturday Sightings of Spring - Free Pattern from Jacquie Harvey

 The very best of Saturdays to you all.

Are you tired of winter, the cold and gloom? Well, if you are eagerly looking for signs of spring and want to stitch something while awaiting its arrival, I have a great free offer for you, by UK quilter Jacquie Harvey, BEM. 

Jacquie is an award winning quilter who specialises in exquisite hand quilting. Most of her designs have a very feminine look and feature floral patterns and elegant lines. Jacquie is as well-known for her quilts as her quilted historical costumes and 3 dimensional creations.

Here are two examples, a jewellery travel case and thread cutter cover.

Another passion of Jacquie's is teaching, and encouraging others to quilt. For that purpose she has led many workshops and designed numerous BOMs (Block Of the Month) projects.

For spring 2021 she is offering the free pattern and instructions for this lovely cushion, which of course could also be made into other things like a miniature quilt or bag.

As you can see it is a simple design of Buttonholed appliqué and Suffolk Puffs (Yo-yos). In her instructions, Jacquie suggests other methods, too, e.g. needle turning, or colouring with crayons instead of appliqué. 

She has also proposed that friends of Sunday Stitch School could try out various embroidery stitches to work the pattern. 
Well, that is what I am going to do, and call the project Saturday Sightings of Spring.
With Jacquie's blessings I will go even further, and combine this pattern with the unique embroidery style of Fay Maxwell. In her book 'Crewel and Unusual', Fay Maxwell appliqués felt onto a  silk foundation, and then bedeck the felt with heavy embroidery and shisha mirrors.

Are you interested in celebrating spring with Jacquie Harvey's pattern? It comes in a pdf file, with 11 pages of illustrated and clear instructions. Let me know if you want a pattern and I will send you an email with the pdf file, (please make sure I have your email address).


  1. I’m tired of coronavirus, i think winter is just starting here, but still looking forward to spring! I like these projects. Please email me the pdf file. Thanks for posting about this.

  2. Very pretty pattern. I am not fond of summer, 37 C predicted for Monday, autumn, cooler weather and beautiful autumn leaves to look forward to.

  3. That is charming indeed. I shall look forward to following your adventures with it!

  4. I remember a pattern I’ve seen by Jacque Harvey in a quilting magazine years ago - which I loved but never got round to trying - and I know and love the book by Faye Maxwell too, so yes, I’d love to have a go too! Please email me a copy Queenie, thank you!
    Keep safe and well!
    Barbara xx

  5. I look forward to seeing what you do with this. For myself my plate is full. One could say overflowing. No new work for me.


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