Sunday, 10 January 2021

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 156: Hyacinth Stitch

Welcome to another year of stitch exploration. Let us start the year with the advent of spring. 

Hyacinth Stitch is a stacked stitch, a combination of Fly Stitch and Twisted Chain Stitch. I found it at Rachel's VirtuoSew Adventures, she created this stitch when she was working on a display of Grape Hyacinths.

Make an upside down Fly Stitch, and add a Detached Twisted Chain Stitch on top.

Follow the pictures.

Borders of hyacinths want to sprout in these three 'flower beds'


  1. New stitch to me. Added to this my stitch dictionary. Nice one.

  2. Beautifully clear instructions - it makes the stitch seem so much more "real" than when I invented it by accident!

  3. With the purple thread it really looks like a hyacinth. I love the smell of these flowers.

  4. A lovely stitch and I like the colour of the thread too.

  5. Hyacinth stitch is a great way to look forward to spring, perfect to tuck into your 'flower bed,' I agree!


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