Sunday, 3 January 2021

Happy New Year

Best wishes for a Happy New Year 2021!

I hope everyone has had a good rest and are ready for a new creative year.

Personally I have spent the holidays sorting out my stash, haberdasheries, notions and projects. 

Furthermore I have learned two forms of tatting, with a shuttle and with a needle. I will report on my progress on Wednesday's WIPW report.


  1. Sounds like a good way to spend the holidays! Best wishes for this new year!

  2. Well, I suppose I can be pleased that having undone two thirds of my current crochet, I've managed to get in a sufficiently good humour with it to start redoing it

  3. That sounds normal for this time of year. Best wishes for the season.

  4. Good for you for getting some sorting done! How are you liking that tatting? I’ve got a lace edging project I started MONTHS ago and I only that on it for an hour when I watch our Sunday church service... I’ll have to unwind the “spool” and see if I’ve got a few meters... no purpose for it, just a “how much will Sunday tatting during COVID make?”

  5. Looking around this room, I think I need a good sort out! Happy New Year!

  6. It was a good time to de-stash and sort. I can see more easily in my craftroom now.


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