Wednesday, 2 June 2021

WIPW - Jumping the Queue

Why do Wednesdays come round so quickly? 

I have frantically been stitching a log cabin set of 12 blocks all evening, otherwise I would have no ongoing progress to show. The other two projects just jumped the queue.

Log Cabin Challenge

Here are the 12 blocks. There are 48 more to assemble and add to the quilt before the flimsy is completed.

Queenie The Tailor?

I was set to make five pieces of After Bath Lounge Wear out of Terry towelling.

I have made the same 'garment' before so it was not difficult, just boring and time consuming.

Queenie The Silk Jeweller?
I was given some scraps of  kimono silk and had to make a few gifts to show my gratitude.
Four brooches and a sachet of powdered incense.


  1. You've reminded me I keep intending to make some jewellery bags out of some fragments of kimono silk, and it just isn't happening!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the complete log cabin.

  3. Your projects are beautiful!
    The photo of your Log Cabin blocks shows the gorgeous rich blues.
    And yes, your 'silk jewels' are amazing.

  4. The broaches and sachet are gorgeous. A thoughtful return gift. Are you planning to machine quilt or hand quilt the log cabins?

  5. Your sachet is beautiful and those shades of blue in your Log Cabin are magic.

  6. Queenie, you are amazing to manage all the projects you do- and all shown here are so beautiful. Love the jewellery bag and have never given thought to using my silk fragments to make any. That will change now.

  7. Just lovely. Don't know which one I like the best? That Log Cabin quilt is going to be stunning.

  8. You certainly have a variety of projects! Great idea for the kimono scraps!


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