Sunday, 27 June 2021

Sunday Stitch School - Revision: Stitches 171 - 175

 Time to revise the latest stitches. Click on the title for instructions.

171 Ray Stitch

This stitch is great for leaves, trees, feathers, hand held fans....

172 Half Rhodes Stitch

So easy, so impressive.

173 Eyelet Wheel Stitch

So much neater than its cousin, the Buttonhole Wheel, but it is time consuming.

174 Pagoda Chevron Stitch

A wonky version of a traditional stitch.

175 Woven Long Tailed Lazy Daisy Flower

Aren't they cheerful?


Never leave home without it!


  1. Interesting stitches. Waiting to see this creative compilation.

  2. The samples look great. Love the placement of Half Rhodes stitches.
    Is that a section of Sue, I spy?

  3. I wonder what Sue will be doing this time...?

  4. The stitches have been outlined, now the adventure begins.
    Looking forward to this......


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