Tuesday, 8 June 2021

May I Suggest .... Monday

When I was picked for a blog award and then asked to nominate three other bloggers, I found myself in a pickle. There are so many blogs I read, how could I suggest only three?

Finally I picked

  • Hokkaido Kudasai, because Pamela posts every day, always has some beautiful stitching or an interesting travel report or some fascinating news/statistics/articles
  • Princess Bubbles Creates, because Angela shares my love for beads and shiny fabric, makes fantastic mandalas, comes up with good suggestions, and is extremely creative
  • My Craft Works, because Shami makes these very clear, easy-to-follow tutorials with great photographs and generously shares her patterns and skills
Now I have all these other blogs that I think are worth reading, so I wrote down the names on slips of paper and will pick a couple, at random,  each Monday and suggest you go visit.

First out are
  • VirtuoSew Adventures (actually Rachel was the person who nominated me), because Rachel is a very talented needlewoman with deep and broad knowledge and skill of all things embroidery. She works with many styles, successfully experiments a lot and is very active. On her blog there is also a slow Stitching Video.
  • Jizee6687's Weblog, because Chitra makes fantastic embroidery on Indian garments. She also created a large number of variations of any stitch used for TAST or Sunday Stitch School. Unfortunately Chitra has not been posting for some time, but her blog is still active and you can enjoy old posts.
I hope you will enjoy these blogs as much as I do.
Happy Blog Hopping.


  1. It's a good initiative Queenie. Chitra's blog is a treasure of designs for wearables. Will visit Rachel's blog also.

  2. So much inspiration! Sharing pays great dividends.

  3. I am quite impressed with Pamala's ability to post something interesting every day ... and for that matter, the regular posts you make.

  4. My feed reader used to remind me of Chitra every time she posted something. I must go back and have a look, she produced such lovely things.

    (And thank you for those kind words!)

  5. I appreciate your recommendations. There are so many interesting blogs.

    Thanks Julie. I have much to write about .

  6. Thanks Queenie. It is always good to look at what others are doing and be inspired.


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