Saturday, 29 May 2021

Blog Awards

 I was very honoured, and certainly surprised, to learn that a good blogging friend, Rachel of VirtuoSew Adventures, had nominated me for a Blog Award.

Rachel has a wealth of knowledge, and generously shares it with the stitching community. She always looks closely at my work and leaves valuable comments. I have learned so much from her.


For the award, there were some questions to answer:

What would my perfect holiday be?

To do something or go somewhere that differs from my ordinary daily lifestyle. I like a blend of activity and relaxation, for example, I might want to go for a long walk in a place I have never been before, then sit down and look at the view.

Or take up yoga under a blossoming tree...

Where is my favourite place to walk?

I like city parks with mature trees, gravel paths,  flowers, bird song,  some water feature, people walking or having a picnic...

Well, no one is having a picnic in winter...

What inspired me to start a blog?

When I first started reading others' blogs,  I realised I could start one, too. If I remember correctly, the very first blog I read was a travel blog.

I also like the diary format of a blog - it helps me keep track of what I did when, and how my work has developed.

Furthermore, I find it is a good place to store instructions/tutorials and tricks I want to try.

Especially those 170+ Sunday Stitch School stitches I keep forgetting...

What did I miss most during lockdown? 

Well, we are still in a state of emergency in Japan, a kind of lockdown. 

All through the pandemic I have missed stress free shopping (even grocery shopping is a hassle), visiting the library, meeting friends and eating out.

Oh, the luxury of not having to cook a meal...

What was the last book I read?

The pandemic has meant reading books I already have, and have read before. It is like meeting old friends, and sometimes also noticing that my taste has changed.

At the moment I am reading Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata. I read it in three languages (Japanese, English and Swedish) simultaneous, and also listen to the Japanese audio book - to study Japanese, to compare the translations and to find things I might have missed in previous readings.

Is Y.K. turning in his grave at the way I am dissecting his work...

Thank you Rachel for the nomination.

Now it is my turn to pick three nominees. 

This has been a very difficult task, as there are so many interesting blogs and talented bloggers to choose from. Finally I picked the following blogs, because they are very different.

Hokkaido Kudasai

Princess Bubbles Creates

My Craft Works

To Pamela, Angela and Shami, I really enjoy following your blogs, the interesting snippets of news, the beautiful creativity with beads and things that glitters, the excellent tutorials, the regularity in your postings, the inspiration, the knowledge, the energy... I hope others get as much out of your blogs as I do.

To all others I follow, a day without checking your blogs is a wasted day!

Long live Blogging!


  1. Interesting post and reading a book in three different languages is a great way to learn about those languages, fun idea!

  2. Congratulations. I too was intrigued by you reading a book in different languages.

  3. Thank you for writing so generously about me. Good to know you better!

  4. Thank you for nominating me. Answering a few questions is a good way to learn about each other.

  5. Congratulations! You deserve it! I am completely honoured to be nominated by you! Your kindness and supportiveness means the world to me!

  6. Congratulations on your blog award. I love reading what you have been doing and stitching. Great answers. It was through the blog that I met you and the others in person at the Tokyo Quilt Show. That was the highlight of my trip and thank you, my friend.

  7. Nice questions to think about at any time.


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