Sunday 28 May 2023

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 252: Annet's Pulled Triangle

Today let's learn from Annet, a multitalented multimedia artist. She is into crocheting, rubber stamping, ACT cards, collection boxes, picture collages using magazines and of course, stitching. I learned so much from following her take on the TAST stitches.

I have not found an official name for this stitch. Annet, if you know, or indeed if anyone else knows, leave a comment below, please.

Updated: Annet told me this stitch which she found in an old Dutch book is described as 'vlakvulling van driehoekjes', translated into English it becomes: tessellation of triangles.

Today is a stitch for Pulled Work, but I think it looks great as a surface stitch, too.

First visit the excellent instructions on  Annet's blogpost for this stitch, then have a look at my photo instructions.

When you come to the end of the first line,
place the next stitch right above the tip of the last V.

Turn the work upside down and stitch the 
new line in the same way as the first.

For Pulled Work, you of course have to pull the thread much harder!
Choose how wide and tall you want the triangles.

Play around on the three usual samplers, and add a line on the linen sampler, too. Here you have a good chance to pull the thread!


Lyn Warner said...

Interesting stitch, especially the effect when it's pulled.

Anonymous said...

This stitch has a nice even look. I like that!

Angela said...

I have never tried pulled thread work. This stitch could be very interesting!

Rachel said...

Yes, intriguing. Pulled work has a magic all its own!