Wednesday, 17 November 2021

WIPW - Teal Quilting Completed

It is high time I posted my Work In Progress Wednesday Report for this week.

Log Cabin Challenge

Since last week I have quilted 22 blocks (seen in green along the edge of the graph). This means I have now completed the quilting of all the pieces in each block. I used teal quilting thread.

Next step will be to quilt the long seams that connect the blocks. I have indicated some with arrows on the graph. I will be using gold metallic quilting thread, and the stitch I will try is Herringbone Stitch.

Sunday Stitch School Stitch Sampler
Last week I made four hearts that I arranged them in a four-clover pattern.
During the week I have been busy filling the hearts with detached/individual type stitches, but as you can see I have not completed the work.

The green heart is filled with #1 Anundsjö Stitch, the purple heart got a handful of #17 Q Stitch and the orange heart is filled to the half with #190 Ring Knot Stitch.

What will I stitch in the pink heart do you think? Hint: the stitch is named after a flower which can be pink. Other shades are white, gas flame blue, and purple.


  1. Congratulations, wonderful progress!
    And you'll be using metallic thread to quilt the long seams, you'll have to let us in on your metallic thread techniques. I know that metallic thread can be temperamental getting kinks and getting rough spots.
    I enjoy reading your progress report, thanks for sharing.

  2. The gold will make it sparkle. Nice choice!

  3. Well done on quilting all the blocks! The whole top must be looking beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the long lines of quilting too.

  4. It's good to be moving on to the next stage of quilting. Do you use wax or thread conditioner on your gold thread?

  5. You've made good progress. You have me stumped with the name of the stitch.

  6. I love your log cabin quilt. It is looking so good!

  7. That teal quilt is going to be such a stunner! What an heirloom!


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