Friday, 5 November 2021

Friday Revision Homework - Stitches 186 - 190

Ever since I learned the origin of #187 Catherine Wheel Stitch, I knew it would be difficult to add it to the Sunbonnet Sue sampler. 

How were I to include such a stitch? Should I use just the beautiful design to make a vibrant sun or a magnificent flower, or should I stick to the true Catherine Wheel, the device of torture? 

Surely I could not let Sue be tied to the spiky wheel and turned over a burning fire?! 

Nor could I let her be the tyrant committing the atrocity. 

So she had to be a witness or a bystander, but Sue is a brave girl who would not just stand by and see something as horrid as this happen to someone else without taking action... 

I was really in a dilemma. Then I got the idea of using time and reality to show how horrified, how frustrated and how utterly helpless we can be when faced with a situation that we can't rectify.

What I finally decided on was this scene: Sue is at the Art Museum and comes face to face with an old painting. However much the picture pains her there is no way she can help the victim. 

Isn't this the way we feel when we watch cruelty on TV news and know that the act is already done, and maybe on the other side of the Globe in a place outside our reach?


  1. I'm sure there are many paintings in the museum.
    But she stopped in front of the old painting. she tried to know the picture. The thoughts she felt are full of heart and tears.
    After this. Sue look it up and think for herself. I don't think she will stop even if Sue's heart hurts.

  2. What a great solution to your dilemma, and a really speaking image!

  3. I never guessed a museum picture. Very creative!

  4. You made good use of your imagination to come up with this piece. Way to go!

  5. You created a very emotive scene- one that would win first prize in a
    Gallery, were it real. Wonderful!

  6. What an amazing lesson you have given us. Well done.


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