Wednesday, 7 April 2021

WIPW - Slow work

Work In Progress Wednesday.

I didn't do much work over the Easter Holiday as you can see, just the following:

Log Cabin Challenge

Four sets of 12 locks each were assembled.

Crazy for Crazy

No real work, but a bit of planning how to put the blocks together, by hand or machine, how to stitch the 'filling fabric' in the gaps.

By the way, here is a picture of the fabric.

Saturday Sightings of Spring

Nearing the end of the quilting, more details on Saturday.

Sorry, not a very interesting blog post today.


  1. Your posts are Always interesting. Everything here looks great. Nice choice of fabric for the hexies

  2. Great progress! I like the back ground fabric, are you going to sew a triangle on each corner of the octagon blocks or ??

  3. You are nearly finished with these three projects. Are you thinking about what’s next?

  4. I think you are getting more done than I am. Where has my motivation gone!?

  5. The unshowy stuff provides the foundation for everything else. And you're doing better than I - there's a gap of over a week in photos on my phone to show a complete lack of anything creative done!

  6. Great progress. I always admire you for your slow and steady pace of each projects. Good job.


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