Saturday, 17 April 2021

Saturday Sightings of Spring - 13

 Spring has sprung, and almost gone; next week the weather will be warm and summery. 

I have completed the Jacquie Harvey design cushion I have been working on.

As you might know, I have used Shantung silk for the base fabric, felt for the appliqué and worked many of the embroidery stitches I have learned through TAST and Sunday Stitch School to embellish the felt. Finally I have echo quilted in Kantha style. I got my inspiration from Fay Maxwell's fantastic work.

I used the envelope style opening, and so avoided inserting a zip.


Sightings of Spring

Yes, spring has come a long way and will turn into summer soon, I guess. This will be record breakingly early. 

The double cherry blossoms ended up in the gutter.

The rhododendron is showing off.

as are the irises.

Thank you for having followed me on this stitch adventure. This is the last post about this cushion. I will take a little pause before I start the next new project or one of the UFOs I have lurking in the cupboard.


  1. Gorgeous! It coordinates well with your log cabin cushion.

  2. It's just such a beautiful cushion! Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  3. It's a delight - a good balance of stitching and colour, and the kantha highlights all the wonderful shine of the silk.

  4. The cushion is beautiful. You have so much details in it. It matches with your log cabin cushion. Congrats.

  5. Your silk cushion is beautifully embellished and embroidered! Great finish.
    And Pam is right it does coordinate nice with your Log Cabin cushion and quilt.
    Thank you for sharing the flower photos, the purple irises are especially fabulous, so much spring color to enjoy.

  6. The combinations of colors and stitches just made that cushion shine!

    The flowers have barely started here in Nikko but the double petaled cherry blossoms are beginning to flutter.


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