Wednesday, 21 April 2021

WIPW - Busy, but with the wrong things

It is just before midnight and if I don't hurry up this will not be a Work In Progress Wednesday report, but a Work In Progress Thursday one.

This past week I have been busy, but with the wrong things, i.e. unrelated to stitching.

Log Cabin Challenge

Two panels were put together.

Crazy for Crazy

I have joined together ten of the blocks, and partly inserted the 'fillers', most of them are just pinned in place.

No need to comment.

I hope to have more to show next week.


  1. You have achieved far more than me and all of it is beautiful.

  2. Your projects are looking great!
    And you've made fine progress. Life does get in the way, but I think that it makes projects all the more enjoyable when you do have a little time to move forward.

  3. The log cabins look great. I might start a small log cabin project. The crazy blocks are coming along nicely. Just curious, are these blocks heavy?


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