Wednesday, 14 April 2021

WIPW - Assembling the Crazy

 Work In Progress Wednesday - here is my report on progress.

Crazy for Crazy

I have started assembling the octagon blocks.

Log Cabin Challenge

The third panel of 60 log cabin blocks is completed.

Laid out on the day bed the three panels look like this.

Saturday Sightings of Spring

The silk cushion is completed, as you might have noticed in the picture above. A longer report will be posted on Saturday.


  1. Love the hexies! So pretty! The log cabin quilt is great!

  2. You are so close, with your log cabin! It is just beautiful, shimmery. I hope you had a cozy rainy day today.

  3. You have been using your time so productively and with great results. Congratulations.

  4. Your work is stunning, love your log cabin challenge.

  5. The log cabin is beautiful! It makes my fingers itch to do log cabin again.

  6. The log cabin has come together very well, hasn't it!

  7. Your work is beautiful Queenie! The strips of Log Cabin blocks look attractive laid out on the daybed.
    And your silk pillow fits in just right.
    I saw your sample of herringbone satin stitch in your previous post, I like it, well done.

  8. Great progress this week. I look forward to seeing the crazy blocks go together!

  9. It is so exciting to see the octagon blocks getting put together! And all the blues in your pretty room is going to make the summer feel cool for you this year!


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