Sunday, 11 April 2021

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 166: Satin Herringbone Stitch

The first in a new set of five stitches is a variation of the Herringbone Stitch. It is overstitched, or couched down, with Satin Stitch. As I have found no official name I will call it Satin Herringbone Stitch. Leave a comment if you know the real name, please.

I found it on You Tube, posted by Rose World.

First stitch a row of Herringbone Stitch.

Turn the work upside down and work another row - mirrored.

Anchor the last stitch.

Come up where the arrow is, go over the crossed threads and go down on the other side.

Make three or four stitches before moving to the next cross.

Work these three samplers


  1. I really like the look of this one. I look forward to seeing the next four in this series.

  2. Your row of Herringbone Stitch looks like a variation of "Tied Herringbone". The tieing stitch is either straight stitch, like you have used or detached chain stitch. Samples I have seen are usually a double or large grid. Still looks good.

  3. This one is new to me, but I can see scope for variation in the satin stitches used for counting.

  4. This is such a pretty border stitch, I think it will look great in 2 different colours or threads too!

  5. I have to make a new sampler block to try some of these on my CQ.


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