Wednesday, 28 April 2021

WIPW - Slow Progress

My Work In Progress Wednesday continues to go slowly. 

Log Cabin Challenge

I assembled two more units for the quilt, i.e. 24 blocks.

Considerably more time was spent on the 

Crazy for Crazy

where I joined all the 20 blocks, by stitching together their seams at the top, bottom and sides. I left the corners alone. 

This void at the corners, creates a square (on point), here indicated by yellow lines.

To cover it, I will add pieces of grey fabric with swirly gold print, on top, appliqué style, instead of fiddling with inserting piecework.
I should be able to complete this by next week, so the flimsy will be completed.

The rest of the week has been spent on darning, mending, replacing lost buttons, re-stitching hems etc on winter garments before packing them away for the summer. It has been stitching, but not the fun kind!


  1. Those are pretty blues. That is a great plan for the crazy quilt.

  2. You have been busy with beautiful and practical projects, both. Ahhhh yes summer is right around the corner isn't it.

  3. What a great idea to add the diamond shape appliqué style!

  4. My log cabin blocks are still waiting for a place to arrange them before joining them together. That is a super idea for joining those crazy blocks. Multiple small tasks seem to pile up and get in the way here too. At least those items will be ready to use the next time you pull them out.

  5. These two projects are time taking but so worth that time. The Log Cabin is getting closer to the finish. I love the blue centres for the C for C and look forward to see both projects completed.
    You would be happy the household chores are taken care of also.

  6. Maybe not the fun kind, but necessary. All that mending helps clothes last longer...

  7. More beautiful Log Cabin units!
    And your design decision for joining the corners of your CC is attractive, I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  8. Perfect corner fabric for your octogons!


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