Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

I have worked on my bias tape quilt.

The forth border has an undulating ric-rac line. On top of the ric-rac, I have used metallic thread and there are small detached chain stitches along the edge.

Now for the quilting; I made rays spanning outwards with the traditional running stitch. I then whipped the stitches with metallic quilting thread to add a bit of sparkle.


  1. you have a wonderful imagination with your stitching Queenie and I find you very inspiring, this is a lovely piece, adding those french knots to the ric rac works wonders

    1. Thank you, Margaret.
      Actually they are detached chain stitches, but the colour gives the border a bit of pizzazz, I think.

  2. I like what you did with the rickrack, very pretty!


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