Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A TAST-free week

Sharon let us cast a vote on having a 'catch up week' and the result is that Week 23 is a TAST-free week. Those who still want to do something along the TAST project are invited to make some 'eye candy' out of a number of the stitches we have learnt so far.

I am thinking about it, but thought I should used the free time to catch up on my UFO quilt. It has been in the making for a long time and I have reached the quilting stage.

In the centre there are some appliquéd flowers. Around the flowers I have worked echo quilting.
The edges of the flower petals are covered with bias tape that I have embellished with embroidery stitches.
Among the embroidery stitches you can see: Fly stitch, Herringbone stitch, Running stitch, Detached Chain stitch, Couching stitch and a variation of the Magic Chain stitch. It is along the inner edge of the bias tape, worked in blue and green thread. Actually it is worked like a back stitch or Split stitch. Does anyone know what it is called in English?


  1. that's neat! i have never seen the 'magic chain-back stitch' before.

  2. Hi,I have tried looking in a book printed in 1948 but no luck,sorry. i hope someone come up with the answer.

  3. Hi, Tricia
    Thank you for looking.
    I learnt the stitch from a Japanese stitch directory, 'Totsuka Embroidery Stitch Book 3' which I bought when Hilary was here in January. The stitch is one of the the many variations of chain in the book, but there is no name, not even in Japanese.

  4. It is a true "magic stitch". I could only find the alternating chain stitch. Then one stitch is blue and the next green. But it is not what you did.

  5. Lovely stitches.
    I remember the pink and white fabric it was from the V & A London .

  6. That's right! I bought four of the prints that were made especially for the Quilts 1700-2010 exhibition at V&A, two years ago.

  7. I am totally intrigued by the magic stitch. I can't fathom how it is executed.
    I have never seen bias used as an edging like this either.
    Both ideas are terrific.

    1. Did you look at the tutorial I posted on Two Coloured Chain? It's a fun stitch.


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