Thursday, 21 June 2012

A snowman in the rainy season

What on earth is a snowman doing in the rainy season?

Well, do you remember the post about NHK Partnership Quilts 2013? I wanted to finish my entry as soon as possible, so set about making my block last night. In my stash I found the beautiful navy print with silver trees and thought that would make a nice mountain. Navy sky and a full moon - well the theme IS circle after all. The snowman was easy to make out of three circles. I added a muffler, a bucket for his hat and a few colonial knots became the eyes and buttons. Of course he needed a carrot nose and twigs for his arms.
Most time was spent on making the Swedish flag. Here I took the aid of the sewing machine and rotary cutter.

Had this poor man been 'real' he would have melted and rained away in the dismal weather we're having in Tokyo today. Sometimes it is nice to be just a few pieces of fabric!

Should you have a chance to visit Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2013, do check him out!


  1. what a charmer!

  2. A cute picture! The mountain fabric is lovely! The trees seem frosted.

  3. Queenie, this is such a lovely winter quilt! I like this wallhanging very much. Since years I'm dreaming of attending the Quilt Show in Tokyo for I really admire the Japanese quilters. Happy Stitching! Claudia

  4. how I would love to visit the quilt show Queenie, you will have to indulge us all and put photos on your blog.Such a lovely little snowman, he would also have been washed away here in Yorkshire as well with all the rain we are having


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