Friday, 15 June 2012

The China Tea Cup Border

The second border from the centre on my bias tape quilt has a very special pattern.

The story is that I saw it on a tea cup in Gothic House, a superb Bed&Breakfast in Norwich, UK. I can warmly recommend anyone looking for a special place to stay in Norfolk to head for this wonderful B&B. High quality of everything, from the warm welcome, the exquisite rooms and the scrumptious breakfasts...

Where was I, yes, the tea cup. As you can see from the picture below,  this is the old type of cup without a handle. Clive kindly let me take a photograph and I set about planning a quilt border based on the china pattern.

The pink flowers are made with a 'Quick Turn' and you can read about how to make them and the green bias tube here, here and here.

I thought simple cross hatch quilting would be best for this part.

I know some of you want to see the whole quilt, but forgive me for being a tease, I will expose it bit by bit. Sorry!


  1. Stunning work.Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Yes you are a tease!! My, I think that tea cup is rather special and it's no wonder you were inspired by the pattern, I love your interpretation of it.

  3. I like those curly motivs. I forgive you for being a tease ;)

  4. Your tea cup stitching is exquisite I can not wait to see the full quilt.
    Keep stitching and have fun.

  5. THIS flower is the one I had wished to see up close. It really took my breath away when I did.
    The vine is superb.

    1. I loved the tea cup so it was 'must' to use it for the floral design. The flowers are a bit bulky so this quilt is turning into a 3D-quilt! It will be what I call a dust catcher once it is displayed on the wall, plenty of small nooks and crannies for the dust to settle, ha, ha!


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