Friday, 8 June 2012

NHK Partnership quilt 2013

Last night NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation) showed in their craft programme, Sutekini Handmade what's in stall for the quilt show in Tokyo Dome next year.

Every year in January Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival is held at Tokyo Dome. It attracts crowds of people both from Japan and abroad. There are many things to see, the contests of course, antique quilts and works on loan from quilt collections around the world.

One of the 80 Partnership quilts from 2012. There are 120 blocks in each quilt.

Many visitors come to have a look at their own block in the Partership Quilts. I contribute with a block every year (to read more and see my previous entries look at NHK from the drop down menu at the top).

For 2012 the theme is CIRCLE or CURVE. There are so many possibility for this, e.g. Drunkard's Path, Dresten Plate, Fan, Snowball...

Or what about one of these things:
The sun setting in the ocean
The full moon
a tennis ball
the OS rings
Sunbonnet Sue with a balloon...

Should you wish to participate, then these are the rules:

  • one block per person
  • 22cm x 22cm with a seam allowance of 1.5cm included
  • flimsy block, i.e. no wadding, no quilting
  • your name should be written with pen in the seam allowance of the lower right hand corner
  • your block should have reached NHK by 31st August, 2012
  • enclose a note with your name, address, tel no, email address
  • send to:
Partnership Quilt
NHK Sutekini Handmade
2-2-1 Jinnan
Tokyo 150-8001

Anyone contributing with a block should be sent a postcard with information about into which quilt the block has been included. This is a great help to find your block should you have a chance to visit Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival next year.

How about contributing?


  1. I have to enter the partnership quilt as it was great fun looking for them even though I have no plans to visit Tokyo.

  2. I'm going to Japan for the first time next year - I'm SO excited about making a block for the partnership quilt! Thank you so much for sharing all this info! I haven't been able to find any information about the partnership quilt or the 2012 quilt show. Do you know any other sites where I could find some more details? Thanks again :)

    From An

    1. Is this any good:

    2. Excellent, thank you! (Your page is still the best, though). The 2012 quilt you've shown is really lovely. The colours go together so well! Is there any particular colour guide for 2013? I love the navy of your wintry block :)

    3. Thank you!
      No, there are no restrictions other than the size of the block and that some form of curve or circle should be included. The coordinator in charge will select and place the approximately 10.000 blocks according to what she thinks looks nice. The result will be 80 huge quilts, some of them only have Dresden Plates, others contain only pink blocks. You make your block and Ms Ueda will place it where she things it will be best. Volunteers will then piece and quilt, and the finished quilts will be hung for display at Tokyo Dome. Beside each quilt there is a small box into which we can drop a raffle ticket. If lucky you could win your own quilt! The money goes to charity (probably to the tsunami hit area).
      Have fun!

    4. Hi Queenie,
      Thanks to your inspiration I have completed my block! I don't have alot of experience with curves or circles, so I followed my heart and ended up with a yellow sun over green hills (at least, that's what it's supposed to be). I don't mean to bother you, but as I'm getting ready to send it off I wondered if you could give me some advice?
      I pieced my block onto a foundation square that is 22x22cm. I was planning to trim the whole thing back before I send it away, but now I'm worried that if I do that some seams might start to unravel or something before it's sewn into a quilt. Do you think it would be ok if I just square it up and post it, leaving the ladies in Japan to trim it back to the right size? I can't write in Japanese, though, to explain this to them. Do you have any advice? Thank you in advance!

      From An

      P.S. Here is a picture of my block! :D

    5. What an absolutely charming block!!! I am sure it will stand out and be easy for me to find!
      Each block will be 20x20 when they are stitched together. They say 22x22/23x23cmcm to have a seam allowance of 1-2 cm each side. It would be good if you can trim your block to that size, however, I guess your embroidery stitches might unravel if you do. Would it be possible to anchor the embroidery stitches with a few stitches or even a dollop of glue?
      Best of luck and let me know how you are getting on.

    6. Thanks so much ^_______^
      I took your advice and trimmed up the block then used a wee dab of glue to secure the stitches. I posted the block off today so it should get there on time - I couldn't have the postage "tracked" so I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope I get a note in the mail to say my block has been received and included in a quilt. Can't wait to walk around the show and look for my block and yours!

    7. Well done!
      Some time in November/December you should receive a postcard, written in Japanese (good luck, there!). On the address label with your name on it there is a number of the quilt into which your block has been worked. That makes it easy to find at the show, so take the card with you. If you buy tickets at the ticket booth then show them the card and you get a 200 yen reduction.

    8. Hi Queenie! Not long till the Tokyo Quilt show! :D I was just wondering if you've received anything in the mail? I haven't received my postcard yet and I don't know if I should be worried or not...

  3. Oooh, how fun! Thank you again for all the information! That's so kind of you to take the time to share it. You're not one of the volunteers who pieces the quilts together, are you? That would be an epic job! There's not a lot of time left to get them in by but I'm going to tell everyone about it in case they have time to put something together - I wouldn't want anyone to miss out ;)

  4. Bonjour, je souhaite me rendre au salan de tokyo en janvier
    Connaissez vous les dates
    merci par avance

    1. Sorry it has taken a long time to find the answer to your question. The dates for the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival is January 24 - 30.


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